Let The Freaky Fridays BEGIN

FREAKY FRIDAYIt occurs to me that it might be easier to write every day if I have a series going or a daily guide for what a day might be about.

And since I want to write every single day, I humbly present.

The Daily Series

AKA The Weekly WiseCracks

AKA Holy Shit I’m Actually Going To Write Every Single Day of the Week WTF

AKA Just Read It Already

Moody Monday : Because the first workday of the week needs all the help it can get, especially when it’s just another manic Monday. Inspiration, health, and self improvement will be the name of the game.

Dans Dinsdag : Because everyone needs a little extra language and culture in their life, Tuesdays will be about movement, including, but not limited to the latest kickass choreography, mesmerizing art project, or mind blowing parkour. There may or may not be videos of yours truly shaking her groove thing.

Women’s Wednesday : Because STEM. Because feminism. Because naivety and ignorance and hostility exist and it’s time to educate and change the world. It’s 2016, people.

Thirsty Thursday : Because it’s almost the weekend and it’s time to relax and the alliteration is irresistible.

Freaky Friday : Because you never know what Friday’s going to bring.

Caturday : Because this is the internet and you can’t have too many cats. And kittens. And puppies. And other baby animals. With or without cheese burgers.

Brownie Sundae : Because you can never have enough ice cream, an entire day dedicated just to the frozen confection. And since I’m actually a baked goods addict, I foresee a majority of these Sundays focused on cookies, cupcakes, scones, and brownies. Cause cake.

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