My Miles Are About to Skyrocket

I reached out to my colleague that used to do This Job and asked him, “What events do you typically travel to outside of the OpenStack Summits [0] / PTGs [1]?”

And he replied something witty and important and vital and I completely didn’t have logging enabled nor did I write it down because I’m made of awesome.

But I did write down what OpenStack Days [2] are the biggest ones that I should try to attend, if not this year, in the upcoming years.

OpenStack Days Israel [3]
OpenStack Days Benelux [4]
OpenStack Days Nordic [5]
OpenStack Days NYC [6]
OpenStack Days UK [7]

And then there’s and FOSDEM [8] and DevConf.CZ [9] and two Centos Dojos [10] that I’m helping plan.

Oh, RIGHT! Plus RDO Test Days [11] in Brno!

This week, in particular, I have severe FOMO because it’s Red Hat Summit. And then 21-24 May is OpenStack Summit Vancouver. I’m remotely managing both. I’ve done everything I can possibly do to prepare for both, now I can only sit from afar and wait.

And put out fires, as needed.

Which means I could really use some distractions, People. Therefore, I thought it’d be nice to look at all the places IT

This means, over the next year, POSSIBLY, I’ll be travelling to…..


June 2018
14-15 RDO Test Days Rocky M2 Brno Czech Republic

August 2018
2-3 RDO Test Days Rocky M3 Brno Czech Republic
?? OpenStack Days NYC New York USA (tentative!)

September 2018
6-7 RDO Test Days Rocky GA Brno Czech Republic
10-14 OpenStack PTG Denver Colorado USA
13 OpenStack Day Benelux Amsterdam Netherlands (conflicts with PTG – need to send someone else!)
?? OpenStack Days UK London United Kingdom (tentative!)

October 2018
09-10 OpenStack Days Nordic Stockholm Sweden
20 CentOS Dojo @CERN (tentative!)
?? OpenStack Days Israel Tel Aviv (tentative!)

November 2018
13-15 OpenStack Summit Berlin Germany

January 2019
?? Brno Czech Republic (tentative!)

February 2019
?? FOSDEM Brussels Belgium (tentative!)
?? OpenStack PTG APAC (tentative!)

And, boy, are my arms tired ALREADY.

[6] OpenStack Days NYC was called Openstack Days East in 2016, doesn’t appear to have happened last year and I can’t find information about it anywhere.
[7] OpenStack Days UK doesn’t have any information up for this year, but last year was at

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