No, It’s Not Really One In The Morning

oopsYes, I’m so totally cheating and back dating today’s post cause, DAMNIT, today just got away from me. The local time is four o’clock in the afternoon on Friday, 01 July, so even though the server says it’s one in the morning on Saturday, 02 July, the server can totally SUCK IT.


This morning I got out of bed at four in the morning, finished packing, got ready, checked out, and was in the taxi headed to the airport by four thirty. Arrived at the airport at five. For a six o’clock flight.

That was delayed an hour.

But there were pancakes.


I smelled them as soon as I got past security, but I looked around and couldn’t immediately find the source of the heavenly smell, so, disappointed, I bought stupid crackers and stupid water for breakfast and slunk off to the gate.

Where they announced the one hour delay.

To whit I skipped back to the pancake smelling food places and tracked down the pancake diner.

There are so many things I love about America and one of them is REALLY GOOD FOOD ™ – whenever I’m here, I try to go to places I’ve never been that have great reputations and order the best thing they make. And this airport diner did not disappoint.

You know they’re American when you get too much food for one meal. You know they’re delicious when you try to eat too much food for one meal.

There was only one bite left on the plate.

I waddled.

In the meantime, I’ve flown and arrived in Ontario California to spend the weekend with my Aunt J and her partner D and there have been so many quotables, it’s AWESOME. I threatened to blog the particularly hilarious / embarrassing, but have thus far resisted.


And, yes, we’re so totally going to an escape room tomorrow.

Don’t judge.

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