Not As Adorable, IMHO

sashaBut still a pretty damn cute TripleO mascot.

My mother declawed every single cat we adopted and so I didn’t think twice about it when we adopted Zoe – she would be declawed.

But the adoption guy sat us down and showed us how to massage her paws and clip her claws correctly and asked us to TRY it for a month. And if she still destroyed furniture or refused to have her claws clipped, then maybe explore more extreme measures.

So we did.


And by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’ cause I am the one that trims Zoe’s claws about once a month.

From the beginning, she is part dog in that we can flip her onto her back and pet her belly and so when it was time to trim the claws, I flipped her onto her back on my lap and trimmed her claws that way.


At some point I’ll record this and post it.

She still claws the furniture.


When I actually investigated the process (and impact) of declawing catlings, I realized I would never declaw a cat of mine again.

However, after I trim her claws, she stays in my lap.

Which is obviously permission to torture her in other, more humane ways.



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