Okay, But, Seriously, People

If you’d like to meet for coffee, lunch, dinner, or escape room, we’re going to be in the DC area 29 December – 01 January, in the Raleigh NC area 01 January – 02 February, and back in the DC area 02 – 06 February.

First of all, we’re not worried about sharing the information that we’re leaving our house because we have a GUARD CAT WHO WILL SO TOTALLY CUT YOU.

And a house sitter who will eat popcorn and watch it happen.

Second, chunks of time are being reserved for family and friends, so if you want your piece of the action, comment here or email / whatsapp / call – quick quick like a bunny.

Cause you know I’ve chunked out alone time, too.

Cause spoons.

And finally, I love you all.

I wish you a warm and beautiful happy new year.

See you on the flip side.

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