Dutch Lock Down Day Seventy Four

[More Specific Title Than Dutch Lock Down Day X]

Photo by Atharva Lele on Unsplash

Introduction paragraph with a couple of sentences.

On their own lines.

Because it’s more interesting to the eye.

And more interesting overall.

Or something.

But first the news:

First part of story with a cliffhanger or punch line to get you to click past the READ MORE.

Or something.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Seventy Three

[Sleep Might Be Difficult Tonight]

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

I never thought I’d be super excited to go work out.


I’m especially super chuffed to see my personal trainer cause she’s awesome and she’s guaranteed to make me sore and she’s so totally going to get me fit again.

With my help.

Over a longer span of time than just, say, one hour tomorrow morning.

But first the news:

I even went on a super long walk today and totally got ten thousand steps in!

What is happening, Warriors?

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Dutch Lock Down Day Seventy Two

[Is This Normal Yet?]

Photo by Karla Hernandez on Unsplash

Are you starting to normalize?

I am.


But first the news:

There are all kinds of signs that my brain is starting to chill the fuck out but also all kinds of signs that there’s a long way to go.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Seventy One

[What Do You See?]

Photo by Mathilda Khoo on Unsplash

This year’s birthday was … way better than expected.

But this was one of the years that I totally lowered those expectations.

Anything was possible.

And that made all the difference.

I think.

But first the news:

I used to celebrate my birthday for the entire month of May. And then a close friend died and her funeral was near enough or on my birthday that it became something to be shunned. A month of mourning.

The same thing happened to New Year’s Eve for the same reason.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Seventy

[You’re Welcome]

Photo by twinsfisch on Unsplash

Happy birthday to ME!
And everyone else born TODAY!
Happy birthday to All Of Uuuuuus!
Happy birthday to ME!

In the Netherlands, if it’s your birthday, you bring a cake to work to share with everyone. It’s kind of nice – to encourage others to celebrate your day by bribing them with cake – I’m doing the same, but also a couple of friends (we’re allowed to have three! whole! people over as long as we maintain the 1.5 metre rule) are each bringing cake as well, cause #CAKE

My cake to YOU, Warriors, is to share how I tripled my income.

This is not a guarantee or a guide for tripling YOUR income, although, I’m super keen to hear about your thoughts / experience / criticisms as well. It’d be cool if we could put together a guide for career growth from this.

At least in this specific instance.

But first the news:

First, it’s important for context to read the original post here on GroningenRain.nl “Workin’ NINE to FIVE. What A Way To Make A Livin’!” – if you’ve already read it or don’t want context, feel free to skip to the jump.

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