Dutch Lock Down Day Five

Photo by Chris Hall on Unsplash

We’ve abandoned our trip south as Spain and Italy lie in transit and the planes lie dormant in the hangar.

This satire / sarcasm / alt-world section is REALLY difficult to write when The Cabin In The Woods is playing in the background.

I think part of the reason why I’ve always found horror movies so appealing is because they’re kind of instruction manuals for extreme situations that could never possibly be reality.

Like Outbreak.

And 12 Monkeys.

And Resident Evil: Apocalypse.


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Dutch Lock Down Day Four

Photo by chris panas on Unsplash

We’ve sold the house, the car, and all but the essentials and are moving to an undisclosed island on the equator to wait this out.

Locals promise there’s plenty of sugar.

Zoe, the long haired tortoiseshell cat, looks forward to being shaved every week.

A, the oldest, can’t wait to make so many new friends.

Boy Twin wants to know if there are police cars with flashing lights that go DOOdahDOOdah.

Girl Twin is skeptical.

No, but seriously, I can’t even.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Three

All the other days I did this style report, I started out with a ‘joke’ report but, really, I can’t even.

Here’s the State of the Leander Union Address, y’all.

My partner and I are sharing my office while the three kids have a sort of schedule that includes some academic, creative, and outdoor time and today was the first time i had a for realsies productive day.

And yet.

I felt like there was something in the back of my throat like all day.

And I’m SO aware of every cough. Every sneeze. Every time I touch my face.

And this afternoon at 1700 i fell asleep on the couch. Sitting up. Holding A‘s hand. One arm around around each twin.

It felt very much like depression / stress / anxiety / escapism / RUN AWAY / it’s all too much / this is fine.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Two

The partner went out for a cup of sugar.

Three hours ago.

May never see him again.

Girl twin has thrown a coup against her older brother and now rules the house under her tiny thumb with Barbapapa playing #AllTheTime and #AbsolutelyNoBroccoli MAMA.

Boy twin refuses to NOT splash in the tub no matter how much you threaten nor how many of those ‘consequences’ show up. He calls our bluff and turns the entire bathroom into a sauna.

The cat has entirely taken over the top floor of the house, demanding coffee beans and throwing her shit down the stairs, screaming that it’ll sell for millions. MILLIONS, I TELL YOU.

No, but seriously, these have been the longest two days OF MY LIFE.

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