Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Three

[That’s Eighty Six Degrees Fahrenheit, Warriors]

It is a scorching thirty degrees C out here in Noord Nederland and without airco, it’s absolutely miserable.

In fact, I was about to go to bed – teeth flossed, medication taken – when I remembered I hadn’t posted today.


But first the news:

It’s late so there’s really only one thing I want to add to all that.

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Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Two

[Podcasts and Streaming and Tech Talks, Oh MY]

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and a few projects I’ve been involved in are publishing the recordings.

Exciting stuff, eh?

But first the news:

I was a guest on a live episode of the Community Pulse podcast and was a live AMA panelist for OpenShift Commons Gathering and was a speaker at StackConf Online.

Wanna see?

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Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred One

[These Titles Are Getting a Bit Long]

In case you didn’t notice yesterday – we’ve hit the one hundred days of lock down.

And then.


But first the news:

My complaints are all physical now which I TOTALLY LOVE cause for some reason physical complaints are so much EASIER than mental ones.

Or something?

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Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred

[Today Was SO Much Better]

Photo by Shane on Unsplash

TOTALLY went to bed angry last night and woke up angry and got the kids off to their respective locations angry, but then we had to drive forty five minutes each way to take the car to the dealership to remove a couple of rocks from a wheel.

And despite my best efforts we had a constructive healthy conversation.

But first the news:

I’ve been going doing downhill for the past few days, but I couldn’t figure out why. Then yesterday morning boy twin wanted to wear a dress.

And I let him.

And P freaked out because he was worried about BoyTwin’s safety.

And I pushed back because it’s the Netherlands and he’d only be at daycare and it’s his choice.

We had a MASSIVE fight.

And it sort of resolved, but we still went to bed angry last night.

And then….

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Dutch Lock Down Day Ninety Nine

[Today Was Not a Good Day]

Today’s official title makes that song start in my head like an earworm that won’t die and that sucks because today was NOT a good day. Starting from the moment I woke up.

No, actually, starting from last Thursday.


But first the news:

I’m not actually ready to talk about it as the big explosion happened only today with the past few days being this weird, tense, anger that left me sniping and impatient.

And now it’s WAY past my bedtime – that witching hour where everything sucks and nothing’s okay and guess I’ll go eat worms.

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