It Really Is Everything

The beginning of this year was ROUGH.


But it reminded me that I long ago figured out that the key to survive in this totally whack world is perception.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

One of the final speeches I will present to earn the Advanced Communicator Silver award is the fifth project within the advanced manual Speaking to Inform – The Abstract Concept. Present the thought of experts on an abstract concept, theory, historical force, or social/political issue. Present the ideas in a clear and interesting manner.

I don’t know how much the thought of experts will actually happen, because most of the definition of perception is dependent on, well, your perception.

“There is no truth, there is only perception.”

Gustave Flaubert
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Why, Hello, 2019

Water Closet

I blinked awake at three this morning.

After going to bed at ten ish.

And let’s just say that the early morning of 2019 were not the most ideal way to start the new year. And also let’s just say that this post is about poop.

You’ve been warned.

As I said, I blinked awake at three, went to the bathroom and instead of going back to sleep, my body said, “NOPE.”

I laid awake for almost an hour.

Nothing was wrong.

Except I was wide awake.

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What Was Your Biggest Lesson From 2018?

A fellow Toastmaster wrote a piece about her biggest lessons learned in 2018 which I promptly forwarded. #transformation #change

But then she turned it around on me.

“Thank you for sharing K Rain Leander! Love to know – what was your biggest lesson from 2018?”

~ Sangbreeta Moitra

And, yup, I have been mulling over that one off and on ever since.

Sure, it’s only been four days, but dayum, you’d think I could come up with at least one lesson learned.


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Gather Round, Kiddies – Mama Has A BedTime Story

Once upon a time Papa had a wonderful opportunity to work in the Netherlands and Mama could work from anywhere in the world, so the Leander Family moved to Groningen where they were very happy and while they couldn’t fly home for Xmas, they found a new tradition of flying down to a very warm island and that suited them just fine.


Too far.

Lemme start over.

Once upon a time there was a Swedish papa and an American mama who lived in the Netherlands and had a wise brave boy, S, and a pair of twins, L and G.

Every December, the Dutch welcomed SinterKlaas and his helpful Pieten. Sint, as he was known by his friends, would come early in the month, bringing toys to the good girls and boys and any child who was bad would be kidnapped by the Pieten, thrown in their bags and taken to Spain where Sint and the Pieten lived the rest of the year.


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