Last Time I Went For An Eye Exam, I Was Pregnant

I’ve been getting headaches lately and yesterday it was so bad that I threw up.


In the shower.

Having taken meds.

I sometimes just sit in the shower to self soothe.

Infinite hot water works for what ails you.

The medicine finally kicked in (after puking, shower, more meds, and sleep) but now I’m sitting here wondering why I’m getting headaches.

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Now That We’re Writing Every Day

Do we stop?

Write when the urge takes us?

Edit for content?

Get more consistent on the publishing quality?


Even though I’ve been writing every single day for over a month… I would link to the original post, sometime in early May, but it’s in that sweet spot of posts that were wiped when the site was hacked, but haven’t been restored yet.

Oy, that’s a passive paragraph.

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Put On Your Shoes

So there’s this song, see.

For toddlers.

About getting ready and going outside.

And PROS.alpha likes it.

A lot.

I’ll let you go ahead and imagine how many times we’ve seen it, but first, of course, because I love, I’m gonna go ahead and share it with you.


Guess how many times I’ve heard this song.


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