Cause We About To Open A Flood

I haven’t been posting on but I have been trying to write every day. I read about ‘morning pages’ once long ago and incorporated it into my daily practice. And then I stopped. And then I did it again. And then I stopped. It’s definitely been off again on again for years. But since the twins birth, I’ve been on more than off.

Yay, baby steps!

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat, as needed.

Another habit that I want to reincorporate (besides posting here!) is strength training and exercise. Specifically with body weight and then free weights. It’s been ten forevers. Really, ever since my personal trainer moved back to Israel. Which was shortly before I was pregnant with PROS.alpha.

And, then, well, motherhood.

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Get Ready For More Of This Crap

You can totally tell that I posted yesterday’s post when I was in a groove.


You can tell now?

And this morning when I woke up at NINE cause I totally SLEPT IN one of the first things I thought was, “Oh, damn, I have to remember to write. And post it.”


The End.

This is what stream of consciousness blogging looks like cause I open up the editor and just start writing.

for a short period of time without…

okay, with SOME backspaces and quite a bit of moderation cause if i didn’t go back and edit, hoo boy, you’d see some crap.

and some misspellings.

and everything in one big clump.

one single paragraph.

and is this boring.

just wait, there’s more.

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