Planning for the #FierceWoman Podcast

Ada_Lovelace_Chalon_portraitFor MY Monday, the topic at the front of MY brain is #FierceWoman Radio and #DancingEngineer TV and something that my collaborators and I discussed was that each podcast could have a different four word representation of STEM for each month and do deep dives based on those four words.

So instead of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics it might be Biology, Developer, Mechanical Engineer, and Cryptologist. With deep dives into what these jobs are, what kind of degree / education you need to become one, major advances in their respective fields, and, of course, interviews.


Alternatively, we were thinking that it could be four interviews per week, with a scientist, a technician, an engineer, and a mathematician, and one day of self generated content.

Or maybe just one interview per week and the rest of the week is deep diving on their career field – how to typically get started, and the interview is always the capstone of the week or the Thursday episode. And then Friday is taking questions.

So then Monday Tuesday Wednesday is deeper dive on historical impact of the career field, the first female whatever, how one typically becomes xyz. or some famous xyzs and their story.

For Example

Monday: “This week we’re talking about DEVELOPERS, coders, programmers, and techies; specifically those who use a programming language to accomplish a goal or solve a problem. There are blah programming languages in the world and the most popular one is whatever that was invented because X Y Z and became more mainstream because blah blah. Some other popular programming languages include blah and blah which is a functional / object oriented / whatever programming language which means et cetera et cetera and so on.

Tuesday: Some of the most famous first female developers include Ada Lovelace who accomplished x y z and whatshername who did this and that and the other and whatchacallitsays who invented purple.

Wednesday: Today we’ll focus on how one traditionally becomes a DEVELOPER. Sometimes people are introduced very young and end up getting a degree in computer science, but it is becoming more mainstream to introduce people later in life to programming and, specifically women, via women’s workshops like Django Girls and Rails Girls which are free one or two day workshops wherein you are introduced to a specific programming language, plus a few related technologies and may end up with a deployable application that can be used for your portfolio to apply for a job as a junior developer. Pretty neat, eh?

Thursday: interview

Friday: answer questions


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