Please Be Healthy Please Be Fine

I will update this post as more information arrives. Timestamps are military UTC+2.

0900 : Woke up. Set the ringer on the phone to loud. Puked in the shower. Ate a bagel and cream cheese. Helped PROS.alpha get to daycare. Read.

1045 : Went to POP Poli Clinic Psychiatrist appointment. Cried a bit. She told me I seem much stronger than two years ago when she saw me last.

1145 : Ate P’s lunch.

1245 : Still waiting for results from Tuesday.

1400 : P confirms he’s out of his Very Important Meeting and available for any reason.

1415 : The cat cuddles up with me, I throw on a blanket and close my eyes. I’m just resting them, damnit.

1500 : An intern called, waking me from an accidental nap. “Just a moment, I’d like to put on my glasses.” Are my glasses armour? What the …?

The twins are FINE! Both of the twins tested absolutely fine for chromosomal abnormalities. And we know now that it’s a boy and a girl.


1530 : Cry softly to myself with relief, writing up the final lines of this post.

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