Podcasts vs YOUTUBE

videoAnd since google auto corrects to podcasts vs youtube, I’m going to join all the cool hip kids and call vlogging youtube cause you should always call something by it’s most popular brand. That’s how it took us weeks to figure out how to say Qtips in Dutch.

HINT – there’s no translation for Qtips in Dutch.

Unsurprisingly, the first two google results for podcasts vs youtube are podcast Rob Greenlee’s blog post and Sean McCabe’s youtube video.

Go listen / watch now.

I’ll wait.

Sean says (TL;DR) do both. Focus on quality sound (and video). Start with podcasts.

Rob says (TL;DR) go read Are YouTube Videos and Podcasting Worth the Effort?.



So what are the PROS and CONS of each?

Eh. Go read / watch the posts / video yourself, you lazy bastard.

Here’s the point for me personally (and so apt that this is MY Monday) is that I’m going to do both. Videos because I want to incorporate dance into the presentations and that requires a visual aspect. Podcasts because I read an article the other day that says there aren’t that many female podcasters.

And you know how I am.

Gotta be me.


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