Presenting #DancingEngineer TV and #FierceWoman Radio

radioIt is my absolute pleasure to announce the launch of #DancingEngineer TV and #FierceWoman Radio.

#DancingEngineer TV is your one stop shows for new gamers / coders / speakers, especially encouraging women to join the Technology path of STEM. And every episode will include a dance pause, like ya do, cause every day should include a moment of movement.

#FierceWoman Radio is a female empowerment channel to demonstrate that, yes, you can get a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and here are the amazing women who have done it in the past and who are doing it today and how they got started / interested / remain involved. Initially this will be shows about Ada Lovelace and historical types, but eventually we’ll do interviews and such. I know women in STEM. I am a woman in STEM. And I want to interview leaders and experts, but I also want to interview women who are just beginning their journey and check back with them after a bit, too.

And we’re launching TODAY!


Except not.

As much as I wanted to launch on April Fools’, we haven’t finished the planning stages and didn’t want to push through a lower quality, hastily cobbled first show, so for now, you’ll have to “settle” for the daily posts on this blog.


If you’d like to ask a question that may be featured or inspire a show, post your question on twitter with the hashtag #AskLeanderthal and be patient – we’re launching SOOOOOON.


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  1. What a great idea. ‚ú® FYI the letters INFP, emphasis on P… I should balance it for you.

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