@rainsdance wait, is ‘dance engineering’ also a RDO/tripleO reference?


Except, no, but I WISH.

I received this question yesterday after giving the Build a Basic Developer’s Cloud Using TripleO and I knew I just HAD TO ANSWER IT HERE.

So I am.

The #DancingEngineer aspect of me is that I used to dance in a previous life. Not a literal reincarnation life scenario, but I danced for twenty years before I retired to technology.

Doesn’t make sense?

Let me ‘splain.


I danced for twenty years, from the age of fourteen until I was thirty-four. If you dance in the United States, you don’t make a lot of money, as a matter of fact, you’ll actually work one or two or three other jobs to pay the bills and cover the details like food.

As I did.

And at the end of day, since money was tight and producing a show and running a dance company is expensive, I often traded graphic design / HTML / CSS / PHP / javascript scripting for rehearsal / performance space, costumes, lighting, backdrop / curtain / wings / flooring, agenda printing, music composition, and so on.

I may have gotten started with BASIC on a TI-99/4A, but I truly dove into programming in those later dance years.

These days I program full time and dance every once in a while with friends in the club, but I still sit like a dancer. And stand like a dancer.

And move like a dancer.


And call myself a Dancing Engineer.

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