Roll Those Wrists, People

thinkingOne of the brain teasers I’ve been mulling over the past few weeks is how to incorporate my past career [dance] with my current passion [code] within the context of a daily five minute video.

Last night it sucker punched me in the face, like all good ideas do, just as I was falling asleep.

Thankfully, I still remember it this morning.


There are tons of studies proving that taking micro breaks throughout your work day increase productivity and decrease fatigue and accident risk:

There are even tons of apps you can install on your laptop to remind you to take said breaks, especially vital for those of us who type all day as part of our regularly scheduled programs where the chance of carpal tunnel is especially high.

And while researching this topic I came across quite a few scare tactic (but relevant) posts pointing out how sitting at your desk is the new smoking.


And, in case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s even a new movement towards standing desks and treadmill desks.

And to this end, I’ll take a twenty second break during every single video or podcast that I produce.

And dance.

Yes, of course, the music will be nerd / code / STEM related.

Cause that’s how I roll.

Don’t know what that means? Check this out:

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