Safety Lights Are For Dudes

Kate-McKinnon-as-Jillian-Holtzmann-in-Ghostbusters-kate-mckinnon-39375605-200-200I saw Ghostbusters this past weekend and added yet another strong amazing female character to the list of People I Want To Be When I Grow Up.

Jillian Holtzman, Ghostbusters
There are SO MANY REASONS I am nuts about this character. I’m gonna start with she has a PhD and builds AMAZING THINGS. So you know she’s #BRILLIANT. And the things she makes? And then her hair? And then her wardrobe including those yellow glasses? And then her attitude? And then her LINES? And then when she pulls out the pistols and kills EVERYTHING?

Go watch the movie. Drool a lot.

Want to be her.

I’m seriously considering going blonde.

Definitely getting a pair of those glasses.

hanna_movie_01 (1)

Hanna, Hanna
This movie came out when I LARP’d more actively.

At all.

Since moving across the pond where LARPing is not only done MORE but more widely ACCEPTED (I had a convo with a rugby player in the pub the other day. WHAT.) and there are all these CASTLES just lying about, we haven’t gone AT ALL. Partly cause we don’t know anyone doing it, but also we left all our costuming and such in the States.


But back when I was playing actively, I built my character (PREDICTABLY) around a child who had lost her siblings and mother and was raised by her father to be a badass assassin. Just go watch the movie.

I’ll wait.


So when I saw the trailer and the movie did NOT disappoint, I almost pee’d myself. It’s perfect. It’s exactly as I always imagined myself, but of course, I’m sure I looked more dorky and less capable by leaps and bounds. But I wished I were Hanna.


Black Widow, Captain America: Civil War
Natasha Romanoff knows tons of languages and fighting styles and used to be a spy and a counter spy and a counter counter spy and be still my beating heart. There are so many kickass scenes of her kicking ass in Captain America: Civil War and, somewhat inelegantly, someone has compiled those scenes on youtube.

So you should just go ahead and see the movie instead.

When I watch Black Widow fight, I want to go back to wing chun class and double down on the language learning and run SO MUCH MORE.


Who do you want to be when you Grow Up(tm)?

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