So You Wanna Be An OpenStack RDO TripleO Active Technical Contributor

Tag-Cloud-API-Developer-EvangelistI am a developer evangelist for RDO and TripleO and while that sentence may have made several of you fall asleep instantly, if you’re still awake and reading and interested in how to join me as an active technical contributor to an open source project, KEEP READING.

Oh, You’re Still Here

The goal of today’s post will be about becoming an RDO / OpenStack / TripleO active technical contributor, but what does that mean?

It means that you are a developer or designer or support engineer or tester or project manager or writer or whatnot and you’d like to become involved in an open source project. It means you contribute to TripleO, which is a sub project of OpenStack, and that you join the RDO community for guidance, feedback, and support. It means that you want to make the world a better place and what better place to start than helping people all over the world create something kickass awesome.

  1. Get started by signing up as community or foundation OpenStack member. The difference is slight in that a foundation member commits to voting on the foundation board member elections while the community member does not.
  2. If you don’t already one, sign up for a github account. And, if needed, download git
  3. Get on Freenode IRC and join channels #rdo and #tripleo. The simplest (most limited) way is via Say hello to “leanderthal”.
  4. Sign up for the RDO and OpenStack Developer mailing lists. Haunt them for a few weeks to get the feel of the environment.
  5. Access your favorite caffeine laden beverage of choice and dive into the RDO, TripleO, and OpenStack documentation. There’s a handy OpenStack welcome guide. While there isn’t one for RDO or TripleO YET, it’s on my TODO list. You could help.
  6. Follow the docs and do your first installation. Keep detailed notes. When something goes wrong, ask questions on irc or email.
  7. Submit an edit to the documentation or code using git and Gerrit. Now, I realize that was quite a leap in logic, but OpenStack has an amazing step by step tutorial for the actual contribution process, one that I cannot possibly improve upon unless you want more snark / humor / Rain-ness in which case, you’ll need to let me know by commenting / tweeting / carrier pigeoning / et cetera.



There are so so SO many ways to contribute to RDO and OpenStack TripleO, including, but not limited to:

  • give feedback / update docs
  • submit / update code
  • attend conferences, meetups, events
  • ask / answer questions on irc / mail lists /
  • follow / tweet / tag RDO or myself on social media
  • blog / vlog / podcast your experiences / tweaks / hacks

And then, of course, we get together and create this spontaneous open source flash mob. We’d all be wearing RDO shirts and to represent TripleO, there’d have to be tons of people standing on people. Or people moving people.

And THAT’S how you combine Tech Tuesday and Dans Dinsdag LIKE A BOSS!

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