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starbucksHello, birthday month!

Mmhm, that’s right, I’m turning FORTY this month and I am just as much in shock as you. When did this happen? How did we get here? Where’s my cake? Extra frosting, of course.

When I turned thirty, I threw a party in three different states – North Carolina, where we were living at the time, in Georgia, where we had just moved FROM and had lots of friends still living, and Maryland, where Pontus’ parents live.

And it was GLORIOUS.


This year I had every intention of doing something similar except FOUR parties in FOUR COUNTRIES. And… then I got the most intense nastiest cold of my life.

Thanks, Obama.

No, but, seriously, with an eighteen month old in daycare? Resistance is futile.

AND I got into PyCon Sweden.

AND I got a ticket to CodeMotion.

AND I got into PyGrunn.

AND we’re going on vacation.

SO… not so much with the massive parties or anything, but I have a more modest goal of eating cake in four countries. Cause Sweden and Netherlands and United States. So I just need to drive over into Germany and make that happen.

Or, y’know, pop on over to the Canary Islands.

Happy birthday to me.


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