Starting The Week With Friday

Power of WordsRemember Friday?

Almost as soon as I finished Let The Freaky Fridays BEGIN I had immediate issue with Mondays and Tuesdays. Sure, we all have issue with Monday, but bear with me for a minute.

Let’s Get To The Pointe

I let the previous format percolate and realized almost immediately after writing it that I didn’t have a single technical day. I figured (assumed?) that I could simply write any day as a technical day, but then realized that no, I really wanted a day dedicated to tech which is Tech Tuesday.

It also sat in the back of my mind that I could have both Tech Tuesday and Dans Dinsdag, but we’ll see how that works out. I still haven’t figured out how to combine dance and technology except for the obvious dance technology gestalt, but that doesn’t really lend itself to what I’m doing these days which has nothing to do with dance and everything to do with coding that is not related to movement whatsoever.

We’ll see.

I’m thinking more along the lines of a talk show that ends in dance ala SNL’s Sprokets. Which means it has to be a vlog rather than a podcast, but we’ll explore more on that later. Maybe much later.

Not today.


For it means that we’ll have both Tech Tuesday and Dans Dinsdag, but that might mean one week is all about tech with a dance video and another week is all about dance with a tech video.


We’ll figure it out tomorrow, eh?

So the other part that percolated as not quite right is Mondays. I wanted a day of the week that is dedicated towards self improvement, but ‘moody’ Monday doesn’t quite capture that description. Where as “MY” Monday can be about my own self improvement journey. Or a dear diary. Or anything else. ‘My’ has a lot more flexibility than ‘moody’ which, to me, just sounded like a crappy way to start off the work week.

Assuming you have a job. Assuming that job is Monday – Friday. Assuming you enjoy weekends more than weekdays.


Wrap It Up, Rain

Therefore, mondays are now My Monday and tuesdays are Tech Tuesday / Dans Dinsdag.

Queue the music!

And Also

Dans Dinsdag is Dutch for Dance Tuesday – I prefer the alliteration, don’t you?


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