Stressed About Public Speaking and Leadership? It’s Time For Some R+R

Shoutout to E who is SUPER DUPER pregnant and due ANY SECOND and it’s her own birthday today and also HER mom’s birthday and wouldn’t it be keen if three generations of women were all born today? Happy birthday, E.

And also shoutout to H who totally WhatsApp’d me, “Here’s your daily reminder. Go do your blog before you’re in bed.:-)”


Today was a whole new ballgame for today’s workshop and most of that was due to two very important factors.

1. I experienced yesterday, learned from it, and consequently adjusted my approach.
2. Robert van der Meer joined me.

I guess that first point is more like three factors, but the rest of this could very easily turn into a love letter to those kids because DAYUM it was a GOOD DAY.

First of all, R and I didn’t coordinate until we were DRIVING TO THE EVENT which I highly do NOT recommend, but it worked for us today.

One of my fall flat on my face moments from yesterday was realizing that the kids were so experienced that they were bored with my talk. When I mentioned as much to R, he suggested we just ask them at the beginning of the workshop – what do you want to learn today?

And just… let them TELL US what they want to learn?


I knew what I did yesterday didn’t work. That it was time to try something new. But R’s idea scared the shit out of me.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

I said, “Today’s going to be EPIC or a complete DISASTER. Let’s do it.”


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