Vegetables? As a Closing? What?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Thirteen]

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

If you read “yesterday’s” post all the way to the end you may have noticed that I closed it with “Vegetables”.

It’s a Dutch Thing.

Sort of.

More of a Rain Thing.

But first the news:

The normal sign off at the end of an email or letter is ‘groeten’ which means ‘greetings’.

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Groningen Emigration and De-Registration

[Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Twelve]

I’m still not ready to talk about Zoe but I’m ready to talk about other things.

Like how we just emigrated from the Netherlands and deregistered.

But first the news:

We were totally supposed to do this on the day we left [MWAHAHAHAHA] or up to five days beforehand, but we misread the site and thought we had up to five days AFTER the move to report – and, well, here we are.

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Moving Back to the States: Jet Lag

[Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Six]

First of all, Zoe totally came with us to America!

And second of all, it’s seven twenty local time in Ypsilanti Michigan United States which means it’s one twenty in the morning back in Haren Groningen Netherlands and OH GOD I’M GOING TO THROW UP FROM EXHAUSTION.

But first the news:

Why is it so hard to stay up just a few hours later?

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Moving Back to the States: Amsterdam

[Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Four]

Lots of tears.

So much sweat.

And one train ride later.

The twins are NOT sleeping and it’s WELL past their bedtime.


We’re in Amsterdam.

But first the news:

Every once in a while – all day today – I forget that it’s the sixth and then it hits me the sixth and I have a little panic attack, “OMG TOMORROW’S THE SEVENTH WE FLY TO AMERICA TOMORROW OMG”

Because tomorrow’s loomed for SO LONG, it feels surreal that it’s finally HERE.

Tomorrow we fly to America.

All of us.

We hope.

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Moving Back to the States: The Movers And STRESS

[Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Three]

The movers came and went and YES there were totally times when I lost my goddamned mind.

Besides the movers coming, my second most stressful event about this whole event happened this morning – the entire family had COVID tests.

Plus $25k disappeared.

But first the news:

Movers came and this move is entirely strange because we’re not taking everything.

Our major furniture like couches and chairs was shredded long ago by a certain cat who shall remain nameless [ZOE!] and we simply never replaced them because we then had minions and you really can’t have nice things when they’re young.

And then all of our electronics can’t go.

Cause #America

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