Moving Back to the States: Packing The Things

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Forty One]

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

I’ll probably be putting that “Moving Back to the States” in a lot more titles over the coming months.

Because … we’re moving back to the States.

Right now it’s all about sorting the hell out of stuff

No pressure.

But first the news:

This next few weeks are just about packing and sorting and taking care of details here in the Netherlands in preparation for the move, but not so much about taking care of details over there in the States, because, yeah, there’s still no news on where we’ll actually end up.

Good times.

And, well, there’s the packing itself, sure, but there’s also making sure I don’t lose my mind like this past Monday.

Therefore, instead of “Packing the Things” I’m going to go over my daily / weekly / monthly agenda for taking care of myself so that as I pack all the things, I maintain a certain semblance of stability.

I know what you’re thinking.



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Inauguration Day Highlights

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Nine]

Two days later….



The twins have been sick.

And I had a talk today.

And there was SO! MUCH! Awesomeness!

But first the news:

There’s a stunning video highlighting how different Biden’s inauguration was from past inaugurations due to COVID and the insurrection two weeks ago, but my absolute favourite was Amanda Gorman.

I cried.

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