It’s Time For a Little More R+R

As I mentioned yesterday, I did a workshop with Robert van der Meer at Noorderpoort and at the beginning of the workshop, we had everyone make paper desk name plates.

Since I had already made one for Rain + Robert and I was in the midst of quickly showing how it was done, I folded up a second one and just wrote on it “R + R”.

Robert immediately said, “Time for a little R+R”.

I almost died.


Two things were immediately clear – we both like puns and it was going to be an awesome class.

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Favorite. Picture. EVAR.

dsc_6308I don’t really like pictures of myself, not immediately, probably because my perception of myself and the reality are so different and even as I write this my brain is translating things into Dutch.

Off track, I know.

A lot of things are going on right now including recovering from influenza and, cause life isn’t complicated enough, A FOLLOW UP viral infection with coughs that could wake the dead, or, in actually, wake the AI asleep in his own room.

And then he catches it, too, so that’s awesome.

Just. Fucking. AWESOME.

But then an invitation comes along and you get all giddy cause it comes along because of a year’s worth of work and I know, I’m being vague, and I promise to post details if it all works out, but then they ask you for a picture and …BLARGH.


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We’re Going To Label This One Contemporary Awkwardism

photo-1423666639041-f56000c27a9aI had an epiphany this morning – that the internet has had stages, not unlike art movements. In art there was the Renaissance, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Modern art, and Contemporary – and before you get too impressed with me, know that I totally wikipedia’d that shit. (After I google’d ‘art eras’, realized I meant ‘periods’, chuckled, then googled ‘art periods’ imagining bloody swathes of time).


But in the internet, we haven’t really labeled the movements. Well, some of us have but most of us don’t really think about it.

Except those guys. Those guys totally thought about it.

But that wasn’t the epiphany.

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On Life

raceThere’s tons of things racing through my head lately, probably cause of my birthday, but also because life is particularly full these days what with all the walks in the park and toddler wrestlings and ferry boat rides complete with free shirts.

So this post is equally random and racing through things and sort of full like the sensation you get after eating a dinner of bobotie with a fresh side salad and thick mocha mousse and scoops of vanilla bean and forest fruits ice cream for dessert.


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Super Enthusiastic About All The Things

movies3I was eighteen when I first realized that enthusiasm was Not Cool.

I’m not sure how I had gotten away with all my Super! School! Spirit! in high school – most likely because I was a cheerleader (and on the student council and competed in Academic Decathlon and all kinds of other Super! School! Spirit! Things!) but it hadn’t really hit me that it was Not Cool.


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Twinings English Breakfast Tea with Plenty of Almond Milk

teaAs I said earlier, I had the absolute pleasure to listen to Lars Sudmann discuss leadership at the Division C Spring Conference 2016 and he deep dove on three tools to be a great leader.

You can read my notes on the aforementioned post, but I’m going to respond / reflect on these in particular:

“#1 VISION forming and spending a lot of time on your vision (a leader is someone who goes the way and shows the way) what does a good vision look like? paint a positive vision of the future. to show the way out. not to sugar coat things. but to show the way out. WHAT are we doing? WHY are we doing this? (HOW? leave this to the team)

Commander’s INTENT (in one sentence figure out what it is that we are doing) “the single most important thing that we must achieve for this task / project is…”

These are my notes, but what do they mean?

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Like a Badass Pretty Princess

disneyA few months ago at Toastmasters Groningen, one of our members gave a speech about Disney princesses asking people to raise their hands if were NOT impressed with them. Almost everyone did.

Her response, “Well, that’s a shame.”

And then she went on to point out how badass Disney princesses are – making the best of horrible situations like a step mother who wants you dead, but you go live in the woods and make it work. Or falling in love when you live in an abusive home environment.

Being badass.

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Getting Started on Podcasts and YouTube

seanIt all starts with writing.

That link is actually a massively beautiful kickass informative commercial. BUT. It’s a BRILLIANT massively beautiful kickass informative commercial. Watch it from the beginning. There’s a lot of amazing information there. And, yes, it’s like the drugs – the first one’s free and then you throw all your money at them.

I’m so there.

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