Let The Freaky Fridays BEGIN

FREAKY FRIDAYIt occurs to me that it might be easier to write every day if I have a series going or a daily guide for what a day might be about.

And since I want to write every single day, I humbly present.

The Daily Series

AKA The Weekly WiseCracks

AKA Holy Shit I’m Actually Going To Write Every Single Day of the Week WTF

AKA Just Read It Already

Moody Monday : Because the first workday of the week needs all the help it can get, especially when it’s just another manic Monday. Inspiration, health, and self improvement will be the name of the game. Continue reading “Let The Freaky Fridays BEGIN”

I’m thinking about writing a collaborative book…

bookshrm… or maybe i should just write a book on my own.

but something that i’m willing to write a whole hell of a lot about. and also speak a whole hell of a lot about. being a woman in tech. just another unicorn. a call to arms. a call to horns. the book i’m writing can just be an ebook, not published in physical form. but another part of me wants to go full on scientific study. something with lots of research and nerdism.

but about what.

about an experiment. an experiment that has to do with me.

how to be a nerd. how to be a unicorn. becoming a unicorn. how to build a unicorn. from scratch. build a unicorn from scratch. a home made unicorn. rainbows and shit.

blah blah blah i’m awesome. just ask me.


three nerds and a book. unicorn programming. the bookstores wouldn’t know how to file it.

feminism and the single unicorn. unicorn brainstorming. the eye of the unicorn.

yin yoga every night and other nightmares. the cat won’t get off my yoga blanket.

problem solving in the age of the unicorn. dragon’s unicorn. the year of the dragon’s unicorn.

the unicorn’s unicorn.

the effect of the unicorn guru on the field of STEM in the age of dragons: the discovery of a field organism in biomedical engineering. SCIENCE

what happens when i fart into a jar every day for a year. EPIC SCIENCE

coming up with an epic and thoughtful conclusion in the age of hourly epic and thoughtful blog / vlog posts and podcasts and information overload and all those other things that just add more words to the title so that you’re not really writing a title anymore, but the entire book summary in one line of stupid text and now you’ve just spent 2.99 for a bunch of blank pages cause SURPRISE this is actually just a lame ass journal

the end

Hello, My Name Is…

71395_10100661065596291_888663183_nI am in the midst of a new position within Red Hat and part of the new responsibilities include applying to public speaking opportunities all over the world. And since you have to include a short biography with these applications, I decided it was time for a bit of an overhaul. To give perspective, here is the old version:

K Rain Leander is an enthusiastic Software Engineer with a background in web development / graphic design / internet marketing and a Master’s in Information Technology. She is currently leveraging her procedural knowledge from over six years as an engineer with Red Hat to study Django and Python languages as well as OpenStack and RDO-manager technologies and become more active in the Fedora community.

I literally just fell asleep reading those sentences and if you did the same I DON’T BLAME YOU ONE BIT.

To figure out the new bio, I read a lot, diving here and there and everywhere for advice and insight and skipped over articles that similarly made me fall asleep until I put together something stronger, more interesting and, most importantly, a description of a person I WANT TO MEET. Sure, I could link those articles for you, but I’d rather be snarky about it.

K Rain Leander is a systematic, slightly psychic, interdisciplinary developer evangelist with a Bachelor’s in dance and a Master’s in IT. An epic public speaker, she has disappeared within a box stuffed with swords, created life, and went skydiving with the Queen. Seriously. Rain is an active technical contributor with RDO manager, OpenStack, DjangoGirls, and Project DO. Come say hello. Bring cake.

Seriously, though, bring cake.

The Project Pitch Debriefing

Startup-Weekend-Groningen-2015-490x265A friend video taped what I actually said which was not nearly as eloquent as what I recently wrote and as I listen to people vote for their favorite pitches and discuss mine, I realize that I didn’t get the point across. People are discussing it in terms of education, which is true, it’s partially about education and knowledge sharing, but it’s more about accomplishing tasks.

Related to achievement goal theory of motivation which is about how much more efficient people do in school when they have specific goals. Which may also be applied to how efficient you do IN LIFE when you have specific goals.


It seems that people only heard the first part. “Do you want to learn a new skill?” was the first line of my speech after, “Hi, my name is Rain, yes, like the weather.” And this is what people are stuck on.

So, apparently, in addition to finding a business guru and developers and designers, I need to work on my communication skills. And possibly find a sales guy. Who will, of course, actually get the point across.

Then again, if *I* can’t communicate the idea, how will anyone else?

The Project Pitch

pitchHello my name is Rain. Yes, like the weather.

I am building The Project.

It will be an online community backed by social psychology research helping people build, make, accomplish, and change the world.

Imagine, if you will, that you want to accomplish a task or learn a new skill or make something incredible – you want to become a programmer. Get a promotion at work. Lose fifteen pounds. Design a bookstore slash cafe slash school for ants. Experiment with the internet of things.

So you start a project. You start The Project. You commit three weeks or six months or a year to THE Project. With the help of an online community of resources, mentors, delegates, designers, makers – people who are also working on their projects – you design and move forward with your project. Along the way, you help others with their projects. And they help others with their projects. And so on.

Until we change the world.

I need devops for front- and back-end development. I need designers to help with the brand. I need investors to pay for hosting and the initial start up costs of design and dev work.


I need a partner in crime, a business partner, a very special individual or individuals to help steer and guide, motivate and fly with me as we start The Project.

A Few Ideas That Have Been Rattling Around My Brain


  • build a 3D printer from scratch. experiment with printing clothes and food and age appropriate toys for ProsAlpha. throw a catered fashion show. keep the toys.
  • design, build, decorate and use a badass halloween advent calendar ala https://www.etsy.com/listing/240614464/this-halloween-advent-calendar-house-is# cause badass. maybe make something similar for xmas. maybe something totally different.
  • speaking of advent calendars, organize / collect / make decorations for the holidays that we actually want to celebrate in our family (xmas and halloween and …? chocolate easter? sinterklaas? thanksgiving?) cause ProsAlpha is going to be old enough to make memories soon and little holiday shrines are cool. like bowties.
  • get back into shape walking / running. get / make a zombie morph suit. run an obstacle course in it. with friends.
  • invent something awesome. something something something. make millions.
  • take figure skating lessons. and / or hip hop lessons. and / or circus silk lessons. perform.
  • join the local toastmasters. write up more public speaking projects. CFP that shit. practice practice practice. speak at a TED event.
  • research and write more blog posts on groningenrain.nl; at least twice a week. continue to write on 750words.com daily.
  • write up the past five years of my life that i haven’t been allowed to talk about because that part of my life is almost over and decide if it’s worth posting or not. sorry not sorry for vagueness.
  • solidify the daily schedule to include exercise / morning routine / evening routine / ProsAlpha.
  • develop a python based app inspired by ProsAlpha (text based adventures ala Zork and Adventure, but you’re a baby trying to do baby things and the enemies / obstacles are the cat running away from you / not being able to walk / time for a nap / mama). upload it to github. finish howtolearnpythonthehardway.com.
  • nail down my personal sense of style. purchase a doctor who inspired watch fob. sort the wardrobe. donate clothes.
  • buy / hack a raspberry pi. integrate it into an interactive / moving costume. explore the city center in full costume. during the markt. on a saturday. invite others to join me.
  • organize an open source artistic event. a series of canvases are set up, anyone can contribute anything to any canvas for an evening. upload the results. is there a way to make this online interactive? a twitter feed that people can post to and the artists can choose to be inspired by those statements or not as they work. the live hashtag would need to be projected in the midst of the canvases during the entire event. eventually make it a twenty-four hour event.
  • create two youtube channels: one for the dancing engineer (creatively logical and logically creative projects) and one for the fierce mama (adventures in motherhood). figure out what that means.
  • experiment with baking, especially grandpa’s no knead bread. and maybe cooking. develop seven breakfast / lunch / dinner dishes. perfect them. actually cook for the family. lol, cooking. but the no knead bread thing is possible.

Narrowing Down the Brand Already

11204902_10101734441202971_8607086743512969266_nAfter sleeping on it for one night I realize I can define myself even more simply – with only “Dancing Engineer” and “Fierce Mama” – because feminist and baker and public speaker are not as much part of my soul.


Do you hear the angelic choir? DO YOU?!?

[ appearance –> customize –> set title & tagline –> edit –> save ]

Stay tuned for tomorrow when there will be more cowbell.

Jack of All Trades Master of None

1743566_10101043400404271_1932748396_nPart of the relaunch of this site is in an attempt to brand myself. Not so much in the cattle branding way, but ala Red Hat’s fedora or Twitter’s bird. And, sure, it’s not common for individuals to have a brand. Or maybe it is. But I haven’t done it.

Until now.

Queue dramatic music.

Part of moving around your whole life (as I have) means you adjust to your surroundings like a chameleon. And aren’t really sure who you are. Or what you want to be when you grow up.

Which, I realize, is a bit odd to say at age thirty-nine.

But part of branding is figure out who you are and who you want to be and I’m starting here with that phrase up top, “Dancing Engineer. Feminist Baker. Fierce Mama. Public Speaker.”

Over the next few days, besides sharing the slides / recording from my recent Python 2015 talk, “Leveraging Procedural Knowledge”, I will write about how these four aspects relate to who I am.

And hopefully become less of a JILL of all trades, master of none.

And more of a well defined brand.