Holy SHIT I’m Excited About This Year

Last night P and I went out for an honest to GODDESS actual DATE.

When I gave advice to a soon to be new mom, that was advice straight from the heart – GO ON DATES.


Which isn’t entirely true, it’s just super rare.

But here’s the silver lining.

When you DO get to go out on that date, once in a blue moon, DAMN, you appreciate it.

And I so totally appreciated the fuck out of it.

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I love you all.


I’m not sure the people who posted on Facebook understood that I was going to re-post them here.


If anyone wants theirs removed, #LEMMEKNOW

And I’ll still love you.

I kept rewriting this introduction cause it never seemed like it was good enough and then I realized I was undercutting the purpose. You all wrote stories because I asked you to do it SO I WOULDN’T HAVE TO WRITE.

And here I am writing.

Your turn.

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“So, What Are YOU Going To Write About?”


My partner wasn’t the only one confused by yesterday’s post.

Another friend WhatsApp’d me, “So tomorrow’s blog will be with stories your friends share with you or just the story the friend who offered sends?”


I’d love love love your story. Especially YOU.

If you’re reading this, I’d love our story. Written by YOU.

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Happy Birthday To ME!

That was a trick.

It’s not really my birthday today.


A friend of mine messaged me the other day:

So if one were to celebrate a certain upcoming should-be-a-state-holiday via words, items of vague monetary value, etc, how would one do such a thing?

But it was totally a trick question cause he already had something in mind – WRITING SOMETHING HERE.

It’s a WIN WIN cause I get beautiful roastings of lovely delights AND I get a break from daily postingsess.

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Goodbye Thirties. Hello Forties.

2011-08-20-135543_3I’m not nearly as keen on turning forty as I was for thirty.

Thirty I was super stoked about – probably because the twenties were a fucking mess. From a personal standpoint.

I was unstable and truly impressed that I survived to age thirty.

Forty is impressive along the same lines, but for very different reasons. What have I done over the past ten years? Survived a trauma. Fought back. Healed. Moved to Europe. Landed my dream job. Created an AI.

Recently, I wrapped up an annual review with the boss in which the last few career goals were defined. And of course, I’m gonna share them with you RIGHT NOW.

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Starbucks Medium Signature Hot Chocolate with a Shot of Espresso

starbucksHello, birthday month!

Mmhm, that’s right, I’m turning FORTY this month and I am just as much in shock as you. When did this happen? How did we get here? Where’s my cake? Extra frosting, of course.

When I turned thirty, I threw a party in three different states – North Carolina, where we were living at the time, in Georgia, where we had just moved FROM and had lots of friends still living, and Maryland, where Pontus’ parents live.

And it was GLORIOUS.

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Valentine’s Day 2014

sconesI baked fifty two scones for Courtney’s Kitchen for a special Valentine’s High Tea.

My first professional baking gig.

And I’m going to share the recipe with you. Cause it’s not like I made it up. Cause it’s too good to share. Cause when you finally figure out how to get shortening in Groningen, Netherlands, it’s cause for celebration which may or may not lead to baking over fifty scones for a special event.

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