A Group Of Cockroaches Is An Intrusion

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Twelve]

What have you learned this week, Leander?

A lot, Warriors.

  • Cockroaches have been around since the time of dinosaurs!
  • A cockroach can live almost a month without food.
  • A cockroach can live about two weeks without water.
  • Some female cockroaches only mate once and stay pregnant for life!
  • A cockroach can live for up to one week without its head!
  • Cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes!
  • Cockroaches can run up to 3 miles an hour.

And it’s only Wednesday.

But first the news:

Cockroaches have been around for millions of years, evolving into some of the most adaptable pests on Earth. There are approximately 4,000 living species of cockroaches in the world. About 70 of these species are found in the United States.

Cockroach Facts for Kids

One of the highlights of the past two days has been the pub quiz swag giveaways we do at our Cockroach Labs virtual booth at KubeCon CloudNativeCon LIVE.

It’s so gross.

It’s so hilarious.

I never thought I’d laugh so much about cockroaches.

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Cockroach Labs At KubeCon CloudNativeCon EU

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Eleven]

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities virtually 04-07 May 2021.

Oke, fair warning, if you haven’t noticed, it’s only Tuesday, and, well, this whole WEEK is probably going to be about databases and #NerdThings


But first the news:

Today, on my second day of adventures at Cockroach Labs, I helped out with the virtual booth at #KubeCon #CloudNativeCon EU and it was Absolutely DIVINE.

I didn’t think I would feel THIS good at the new adventure THIS fast, but going live this morning with my colleague was… heavenly.

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Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Ten]

It’s been a long day, especially when you consider it started at one in the morning with a Boy Twin who wanted milk and comforts and cuddles and the opposite of sleep.

Two. Hours. Later. He went back to sleep.

Thankfully, Papa wrangled the minions for morning rush hour and I didn’t actually check into my first day of work …

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Getting Started With CockroachDB

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Nine]

I know, I know.

I haven’t even officially started with Cockroach Labs and I’m already nerding out?

Where’s the work life balance?

Where’s the weekend off?


But first the news:

Fair warning: this one is about databases.

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It’s Gonna Be May

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Eight]

Actually, it already IS May.

But ya gotta make the NSYNC reference on the first of May, AMIRITE.

But first the news:

But, REALLY, what I’m super stoked about, is distributed SQL and databases and application development and, well, cockroaches.




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