This Is Staycation #LeanderStyle

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Eighty Nine]

All day today in Groningen, Netherlands, it hails and then the sun comes out and then it hails and then the sun comes out and then it hails.

Super surreal.

Kind of like how I am enjoying the next three weeks of staycation.

I code and then I #Netflix and then I code and then I walk and then I code and then I #Netflix and then I eat.

Super duper surreal.

But first the news:

Even if I DID want to go somewhere, it’s not possible, so . . . but if I were travelling, I’d want to do the same thing I’m doing now.

Except with the partner and kids.

Or maybe just alone.

I mean, love my family, but … I really like this alone time stuff, too.

Now if only I could somehow have an ocean and sand nearby.

And less hail.

Much less hail.

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TOMORROW is One Year?!?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Sixty Four]

It’s hard to believe that the Dutch Lockdown started one year ago tomorrow.

But first the news:

Since I’ve been running at 100% with three interviews per day for three days now, today, with only one interview, was SUPER weird.

I picked up First Minion from school. And took him to his appointment. And folded clothes. And was a bit bored, if I’m honest.

I guess this is what unemployment is like?

I don’t like it.

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Hacktoberfest Unboxing!

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Forty One]

Tomorrow morning!
0930 GMT+1 Central European Time!
On YouTube and Twitch and Twitter and Facebook!

I’mma unbox my Hacktoberfest thank you package !! !

But first the news:

Except it’s not a box. It was a bag.
And I already opened it. But I’ll show you what was inside.


Also, it’s twenty four days until we hit the one year mark for lockdown action here in the Netherlands – what are we going to do to celebrate?

Still be locked down.

And cake.

There will probably be cake.

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Shit. And a Temperature.

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Four]

Time to schedule a test.

Test Scheduled.

And they’ve gotten so streamlined about it that I’m getting tested for three hours from now.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Test Taken.

“You were tested on January 17, 2021. Your test result is negative . That means you didn’t have corona at the time.” @0900 on 18jan2021

Now the wait for results which can take up to forty eight hours to arrive.

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Dutch Lock Down Extended by Three Weeks

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Ninety Eight]

Photo by ål nik on Unsplash

It’s not official, but it’s officially leaked – the Dutch cabinet met yesterday to debate / discuss the lockdown and measurements – we’re getting three more weeks of lockdown.

“The Dutch coronavirus lockdown is ‘almost certainly’ to be extended by three weeks… there will not be any new measures announced on Tuesday.”

But first the news:

I expected this news, so I’m okay with it.

That’s what it comes down to, eh?

Expectations and perspective.


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