Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Thirty

[Poor Old Left]

When I started dance, I took mostly ballet classes with a few modern, tap, flamenco, and jazz classes on the side. But ballet was six days a week Monday through Saturday and I was GOOD.

Then I went to undergrad at the University of Southern Mississippi and while I was still damn good at ballet, it became OBVIOUS how much I sucked at EVERYTHING ELSE.

While the program required ballet and modern, pretty much all other dance forms were optional including JAZZ.


But first the news:

So why did I return to that jazz class year after year, semester after semester?


And the teacher was AMAZING.

She had a saying, everytime we did the second side and she knew it would suck – left is never as good as right – she’d lament, “Poor Old Left”

And we’d ATTACK it.

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Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred One

[These Titles Are Getting a Bit Long]

In case you didn’t notice yesterday – we’ve hit the one hundred days of lock down.

And then.


But first the news:

My complaints are all physical now which I TOTALLY LOVE cause for some reason physical complaints are so much EASIER than mental ones.

Or something?

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Dutch Lock Down Day Thirty Eight

The lock down has been extended until 20 May and events are cancelled through 01 September.





But first the news:

To be clear, that app ^ is not the official one from the Dutch government. THAT one will probably not make it past all the red tape of actually CHOOSING the technology before the pandemic is over in the next two years.


Speaking of magicians…

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Dutch Lock Down Day Twenty Two

Photo by Steve Clark

Right after I published yesterday’s post, a friend (hi, S!) called to check in cause she was worried.

I’m okay.

I was just SUPER tired.

Also, some weird things happened that haven’t happened in a while.

But first the news:

Around five, my blood sugar DROPPED.

I was outside at the time, playing with the kids, and it dropped so hard and so fast that I had to sit down or fall over.

I sat.

I ate a snickers. Drank a full sugar soda. A cup of black tea with milk.

I sat some more.

After a few minutes of rest, I helped P take the twins upstairs for bed.

And almost fell over again.

I would’ve gone straight to bed, but I wanted to publish something. Hence the super short post from yesterday.

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