Dutch Lock Down Day Fifty Nine

I officially changed the ‘OpenStack Community Liaison’ to ‘Advocate’.

I should probably give context.

GroningenRain.nl is built on a wordpress content management platform which uses categories for the posts – the default category is Dancing Engineer and, in staying on brand, the other main category is Fierce Woman.

ASIDE: I should probably change that to Fierce Person? Or Fierce NonBinary? Or … something? Fierce CREATURE! YESSS!! !

The subcategories for Dancing Engineer are Dancer, Developer, Mentor, Student, and OpenStack Community Liaison while the subcategories for Fierce Woman are Adventurer, Baker, Feminist, Mama, Partner, Speaker, and Warrior.

FYI: Most of these COVID19 posts have been under the Warrior category.

So ‘OpenStack Community Liaison’ doesn’t really fit with the other subcategories anyway PLUS I’m about to NOT be the OpenStack Community Liason anymore.

But I’ll always be an Advocate, even if it’s not my official title.

That has always been and always will be part of my brand.

It’s who I am.

Within software and work, sure, but also within life. For friends and family, for women, for minorities – for anyone who needs someone to advocate on their behalf.

I’m here for you.

But first the news:

So I cut my hair.


Wanna see?

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Common Pitfalls & Labyrinths: A DevRel Choose Your Own Adventure

You’ve arrived at a crossroads. Do you turn left or right? Just like the classic “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, in this talk, the audience will decide which path to take through the jungle of common DevRel pitfalls and labyrinths, led by their experienced tour guides: Jeremy Meiss, Mary Thengvall, and yours truly!  

Kicking off DevRelCon London’s Unconference, this talk offers an opportunity for audience members to choose the topics of discussion – letting attendees and online guests guide the presentation. The topics will include a round-up of the most popular DevRel questions of the day, addressing everything from metrics to org charts to budget. The conversation will be led by a trio of DevRel professionals who have 40+ years of combined experience.

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Passing The Torch Without Dropping The Ball

A replacement plan is a great resource, even when you’re not being replaced.

A year ago, as the role of OpenStack community manager at Red Hat was moving from one person to another, we started thinking about what needs to be in place to effectively transition a role. More generally, we started thinking about planning, and documenting, for your eventual replacement.

We’ll talk about what worked, what didn’t, and what had unexpected benefits for the larger community.

This presentation helps existing and new community managers take a hard look at their roles within their projects to delegate tasks, encourage future advocates, and facilitate the evolution of their community role.

That is the abstract from DevRelCon London 2018 – and I’m totally SQUEE that it was recorded / transcribed / published in this month’s DevRel Newsletter.

Here are my absolute favorite quotes along with some of my fav images used during the actual talk.

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