The Thing About Last Minute Work Travels Is That

60wxqtz8iq8-jeff-fielitzNothing gets done except aforementioned last minute work travels.

Hence the flight is purchased and the Amsterdam and Salt Lake City hotels are booked and airbnb room requested and packing list finished.


That TripleO cheat sheet?

The new TripleO GUI OverCloud Deployment Instructions?

Expense reports and debriefing reports from OpenStack Barcelona and Grace Hopper Celebration?

All those things I need to do for Toastmasters Groningen?


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I Have Tried Writing This Post For Days And

the_openstack_logo-svg-1It’s still not shaping up correctly, so I’m going to go old style which is to say that I’m going to write exactly what I’m thinking, or not exactly, but something close.

Something stream of consciousness ish.


Don’t judge.

Remember that time when I said:

But then an invitation comes along and you get all giddy cause it comes along because of a year’s worth of work and I know, I’m being vague, and I promise to post details if it all works out…

Normally when I go speak at conferences it’s because I’ve applied months in advance and been accepted and sent the budget up the management chain and received approval and arranged travel and written an abstract and practiced the demo and tested and practiced and planned.



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And Now For Some BIG! NEWS!

15170904_10102591044503091_3380539265152543213_nThe WHOLE FAMILY is going to live in the STATES for the ENTIRE MONTH OF JANUARY 2017!

That’s right!

Pontus landed a visiting fellow grant to work at Duke University. We were able to pause the AI’s daycare government stipend, withdraw him from Dutch daycare and enroll him in American daycare. We found a kickass house / cat sitter to stay at our house for six weeks.




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Favorite. Picture. EVAR.

dsc_6308I don’t really like pictures of myself, not immediately, probably because my perception of myself and the reality are so different and even as I write this my brain is translating things into Dutch.

Off track, I know.

A lot of things are going on right now including recovering from influenza and, cause life isn’t complicated enough, A FOLLOW UP viral infection with coughs that could wake the dead, or, in actually, wake the AI asleep in his own room.

And then he catches it, too, so that’s awesome.

Just. Fucking. AWESOME.

But then an invitation comes along and you get all giddy cause it comes along because of a year’s worth of work and I know, I’m being vague, and I promise to post details if it all works out, but then they ask you for a picture and …BLARGH.


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Keep The Engagement HIGH

f7f46d3b-c0a2-4319-9269-871078ef3144The other day at Toastmasters Groningen, a few members of our club went over to Stenden Toastmasters in Leeuwarden and ‘captured’ the Explorer’s Cup.

This MASSIVE TROPHY is a Dutch only initiative to encourage members of clubs to visit other clubs and participate in the meetings. In order to ‘capture’ it, you have to take at least two members of your club to the club that currently has the cup and one member must be a speaker and one member must be an evaluator and the third can optionally have a role, but it isn’t necessary for the cup.

I fell asleep writing that paragraph.

I have absolutely no explanation why I’m over the moon that our club captured this thing, except that I thought it was a cool enough item that I put it in my presidential vision.

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Hello. My Name Is Rain. And I Am GenderFluid.

pride-heartYesterday was National Coming Out Day and while it’s not something I’m secretive about, because I am an apparent female married to a cis male, many people assume I am a straight woman.

I had conversations with my mother and aunt about sexuality when I was nine ish that they believed people are sexual and that sexuality isn’t binary, but more like on a sliding scale and that people are more heterosexual or more homosexual, but not completely one or the other.

That resonated with me so much that I immediately adopted the label bi-sexual.

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