Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Nine

[The Dutch Government Won’t Apologize for Slavery]

I’m really not impressed with the Netherlands today.

But first the news:

I can’t speak on behalf of the Dutch government.

I’m not Dutch.

But I’m so sorry.

Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Six

[Amplify a Voice: David Jones and Kimberly Jones]

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

I read a request from a person of color to white people – to amplify their voices instead of our own. That resonates. Please watch How Can We Win. If you’d like your voice amplified, anonymously or with citation, my blog, my social accounts, and everything I am is yours. #BlackLivesMatter #NotOneMore

On Saturday May 30th filmmaker and photographer David Jones of David Jones Media felt compelled to go out and serve the community in some way. He decided to use his art to try and explain the events that were currently impacting our lives.

On day two, Sunday the 31st, he activated his dear friend author Kimberly Jones to tag along and conduct interviews.

During a moment of downtime he captured these powerful words from her and felt the world couldn’t wait for the full length documentary, they needed to hear them now.

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Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Five

[Conversations with Fellow Warriors]

A close friend reached out last week to talk strategy and ask questions and have difficult conversations. I asked if I could post it anonymously and they gave permission. I also have things I would add to these answers / things I wrote since I took the  Introduction to Being an Antiracist event but I didn’t want to edit either sides of the conversation. I’ll add to these statements soon. Let me know if this helps.

Warrior: I was reading your blog post about Juneteenth
Me: Sup?

Warrior: So I was listening to the CodeSwitch podcast earlier…They’re basically asking, “what’s different about THIS time vs all the others,” and it’s a lot of things that I’ve been wondering, too.

Warrior: That was a lot of it and Trump.
Me: COVID wouldn’t have been as shitty if trump weren’t there, yeah. and there’s a LOT more hate and unrest in america right now because of trump. The rest of the world joined in because of covid, though.

Warrior: The theory that they were talking about was basically, “Once you kick out Trump, and you can go back to your jobs.. will you still feel the same way”
Me: And the covid vaccine arrives? Yeah, it’s quite possible. It’s one of the reasons i also posted about turning the passion into systemic movement

Warrior: (that was the “go back to your job” part, but yeah; I just really struggle with the idea of “if you’re being silent, then you’re part of the problem”
Me: You are.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke
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Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Four

[This Was Going to Be a Longer Informative Post But #BlameMary]

I was at the Introduction to Being an Antiracist today from 1700-2000 local which was intense and beautiful and informative and humbling and triggering.

And so much more.

But first the news:

My brain is mush.

Because of all the intense awesome overwhelming incredible input.

But also.

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Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred

[Today Was SO Much Better]

Photo by Shane on Unsplash

TOTALLY went to bed angry last night and woke up angry and got the kids off to their respective locations angry, but then we had to drive forty five minutes each way to take the car to the dealership to remove a couple of rocks from a wheel.

And despite my best efforts we had a constructive healthy conversation.

But first the news:

I’ve been going doing downhill for the past few days, but I couldn’t figure out why. Then yesterday morning boy twin wanted to wear a dress.

And I let him.

And P freaked out because he was worried about BoyTwin’s safety.

And I pushed back because it’s the Netherlands and he’d only be at daycare and it’s his choice.

We had a MASSIVE fight.

And it sort of resolved, but we still went to bed angry last night.

And then….

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