Cancelled Due To a Migraine

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Seventy Three]

Totally planned on doing UNLOCK!’s Around The World in 80 Minutes escape room tonight, but a migraine showed up and punched me in the brain meat instead.

I’d rather be gaming.

But first the news:

I finally started streaming again this week – this past Wednesday – which was a bit of a trigger because immediately after streaming two weeks ago, I was laid off.

Also, I’ve been cut off from the Equinix Metal Streamyard account, so I streamed as myself.

With minimal branding.

It was very weird.

But also very good – because now streaming isn’t a trigger anymore.

Actually, I really liked it.

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Time For A New Adventure

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Fifty Seven]

Photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash

My time at @EquinixMetal and @Equinix is coming to an end in May; I’m looking for remote #DevRel Developer Advocate / Technical Evangelist / Program Manager opportunities, preferably within #OpenSource.

My LinkedIn is up to date, but I’ll post my formal CV / writing samples / speaking experience over the next week.


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Today! PRXMTY! Get Closer!

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Forty Nine]

Starting this afternoon and running across the globe, Equinix Metal is running its first ever Online Technical User Conference, PRXMTY streaming LIVE on

And for the EMEA time zones, I’m totally one of the co-hosts along with the dazzling Mark Coleman and the exceptional David McKay.


But first the news:

The entire schedule is at but I’m particularly chuffed about quite a few talks and activities.

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The Carrot or The Stick

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Forty Eight]

When I was nine, the teacher wanted to teach her class a lesson.

She left, closed the door, and watched us from the window in the back of the room.

Chaos ensued.

But first the news:

Kids were talking to one another, laughing uproariously, throwing things at one another and getting up from their seats to walk about the room.

We were supposed to be quietly coloring at our desks.

At one point, I was finished with the crayon I was using and wanted a different color, I looked up at all the chaos and figured I wasn’t doing too bad, comparatively speaking, so I got up, grabbed another color, and sat back down to resume coloring.

And I was caught.

All of us were, actually. She took notes while watching us for the five minutes she was away, then came back and scolded the entire class with specific transgressions.

I was humiliated.

And my absolute fear of breaking rules was born.

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And Now It’s First Minion’s Turn

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Twenty]

Photo by Magda V on Unsplash


This morning.

At one in the morning.

I have never been so happy to be second pick.

First Minion threw up in bed and called out for the one he wanted to come rescue him from all the grossness. And that person was Not Me.

But first the news:

During the first puking, Boy Twin needed cuddles, so I got out of bed, too, to help calm the Peanut Gallery.

It’s a hard life to lie in bed with a Boy Twin while he giggles and pets your face.

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