Happy Mother’s Day, Y’all

The other day a pregnant friend of mine ping’d me to ask,

“So, any advice for a soon to be new mom?”



It took me a few days to process this question and I swear I didn’t mean to post it on Dutch / American Mother’s Day, but here we are and what a lovely post it turned out to be… except there needs to be more curse words in here.

Fuck. Let’s get this shit going, shall we?

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And Now For Some BIG! NEWS!

15170904_10102591044503091_3380539265152543213_nThe WHOLE FAMILY is going to live in the STATES for the ENTIRE MONTH OF JANUARY 2017!

That’s right!

Pontus landed a visiting fellow grant to work at Duke University. We were able to pause the AI’s daycare government stipend, withdraw him from Dutch daycare and enroll him in American daycare. We found a kickass house / cat sitter to stay at our house for six weeks.




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