Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Fifteen

[Bait And SWITCH]

It’s past my bedtime, I’m icing my knee, and I JUST remembered that I still need to post.

And I didn’t take pictures of the office today.

But first the news:


Those pictures I promised yesterday.

Aren’t here.

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Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Twelve

[I Am Enough]

I know it’s cheesy.

But it helps.

But first the news:

I saw this ring for sale weeks ago “I Am Enough” on etsy or wish or somewhere and it so totally and completely resonated with me. I suppose I must’ve been feeling particularly confident. Or sassy.

Or something.

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Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Eleven

[I Forgot To Mention The Dizziness]

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Yesterday, I mean.

There have been periods of dizziness with me throughout my life – it comes with the low blood pressure.

But the other day I was walking and my blood sugar dropped so fast that I literally swooned. I limped over to a bench and stayed there for a bit, breathing gently to make a plan. Eventually I dragged myself to the gas station (it was closer than going home), bought a chocolate milk AND a large peanut butter candy bar, inhaled both and was able to walk home over ten minutes.

Over those ten minutes, as the sugar hit, I went from walking VERY slowly to strolling a bit.

So that happened.

But first the news:

After I published yesterday, a friend coincidentally reached out to sell me some diet products and I totally jumped. In three weeks or so a detox arrives. But also I ordered the protein powder that I haven’t bought in ten forevers.

And then.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Seventy Three

[Sleep Might Be Difficult Tonight]

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

I never thought I’d be super excited to go work out.


I’m especially super chuffed to see my personal trainer cause she’s awesome and she’s guaranteed to make me sore and she’s so totally going to get me fit again.

With my help.

Over a longer span of time than just, say, one hour tomorrow morning.

But first the news:

I even went on a super long walk today and totally got ten thousand steps in!

What is happening, Warriors?

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Dutch Lock Down Day Forty Six

Photo by Leslie Jones on Unsplash

If you know me pre-COVID, you know that I’m a bit of an Escape Room Addict and my friends are here to enable me so as soon as they started seeing virtual escape rooms, I started getting links.

ASIDE: I totally wanted to link this post to my previous post where I listed every single escape room / company that I attacked one year – it ended up being forty something – and it’s one of the many articles that was wiped when my site was hacked a few years ago. #HEADDESK #DAMNIT

But, back to the fun stuff, #VirtualEscapeRooms



But first the news:

And since I’m finally productive again and starting to normalize and starting to figure things out and, frankly, really sick of Candy Crush, I’m turning my attention to these delightful opportunities.

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