Dutch Lock Down Day Fifty Four

Photo by John T on Unsplash

Yesterday I announced that I’m leaving Red Hat and today, if you’re here to see the announcement for what I’m doing next, it’s not happening.

Not until I start at the new space on Monday 01 June.

So… the next three weeks will be super boring if that’s the only reason you’re here.

I’ll try to write about other SUPER NEAT THINGS in the meantime.

But first the news:

Do you remember when I wrote about gaming and escape rooms and addictions?

Yesterday I did a virtual escape room with a friend.

(Hi, C!)

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Dutch Lock Down Day Forty Six

Photo by Leslie Jones on Unsplash

If you know me pre-COVID, you know that I’m a bit of an Escape Room Addict and my friends are here to enable me so as soon as they started seeing virtual escape rooms, I started getting links.

ASIDE: I totally wanted to link this post to my previous post where I listed every single escape room / company that I attacked one year – it ended up being forty something – and it’s one of the many articles that was wiped when my site was hacked a few years ago. #HEADDESK #DAMNIT

But, back to the fun stuff, #VirtualEscapeRooms



But first the news:

And since I’m finally productive again and starting to normalize and starting to figure things out and, frankly, really sick of Candy Crush, I’m turning my attention to these delightful opportunities.

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