Dutch Lock Down Day Forty Six

Photo by Leslie Jones on Unsplash

If you know me pre-COVID, you know that I’m a bit of an Escape Room Addict and my friends are here to enable me so as soon as they started seeing virtual escape rooms, I started getting links.

ASIDE: I totally wanted to link this post to my previous post where I listed every single escape room / company that I attacked one year – it ended up being forty something – and it’s one of the many articles that was wiped when my site was hacked a few years ago. #HEADDESK #DAMNIT

But, back to the fun stuff, #VirtualEscapeRooms



But first the news:

And since I’m finally productive again and starting to normalize and starting to figure things out and, frankly, really sick of Candy Crush, I’m turning my attention to these delightful opportunities.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Thirty Nine

Now that kids are headed back to school (part time) and daycare (full time), my personal trainer and I have made a plan to start working together again.

After 11 May.

Virtually, of course.

I. Can’t. Wait.

But first the news:

I’ve somehow managed an average of 10k steps per day for almost ten days, walking more towards 12k-14k when I’m feeling healthy so that when I only hit 2k-5k / when I’m not doing as well, it averages out.

Today I’m not doing as well.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Thirty Six

Alternative Title: Generic Hello Hi How Are You?

I made a post weeks and weeks and weeks ago about how I was starting to normalize because I was having actual nightmares rather than crowded dreams that I’d wake up to this nightmare from, but I was on a walk today and ACTUALLY felt CONTENT.

Maybe not joyous or actually happy or whatever, but quietly happy.


It was nice.

But first the news:

Today was a fairly productive day.

Not the best day, but not the worse day either.

Also, it’s been five weeks now?

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Dutch Lock Down Day Thirty Five

Alternative Title: “Don’t See My Butt”

That’s what First Minion just said to me.

Don’t look at his butt.

I’ve got news for you, Little.

I gave birth to that butt.

Butt first the news:

I mean, sure, I could be CHEEKY, BUTT that would be SHITTY and I don’t wanna be an ASSHOLE; #DoYaSmellWhatImSteppinIn

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