Contributing.Today Meetup : Open Source Mental Health

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred]


At 2000 GMT+1!

Streaming via Contributing.Today!

I’m super chuffed to join a panel at the meetup on mental health in open source with the amazing Tierney Cyren (@bitandbang, he/they), OSS Engineering + Developer Advocacy at Microsoft and the awesome PJ Hagerty (@aspleenic, he/him), founder DevRelate, Senior Developer Advocate Mattermost, initiator – an initiative “to start a conversation about mental health in tech”.

Our kickass moderator is the venerable Floor Drees (@FloorDrees, she/her), Community Advocacy Program Manager at Microsoft.

But first the news: brings together the communities we work with to get them excited about contributing to Open Source software or finds new communities and projects to work on.

One of the ways they do this is by this non-affiliated meetup series in the weeks leading up to FOSDEM 2021 with interviews, panels, presentations, and, of course, all things contributing.

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World’s Longest Hangover Or …?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Eighty Five]

I’ve been taking meds for days now, fighting off headaches left and right – could be the vodka and wine from Christmas.

Could be stress.

Could be the full time parenting.

I sound like a broken record, eh?

But first the news:

Today was by FAR the best day of the Christmas Break (knock on wood) THUS FAR. Especially compared to yesterday.

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An Eentsy Beentsy Teeny Weenie Tiny Little Crash

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Seventy Nine]

They happen more often over the holiday season.

So it’s not a surprise.

But it still… well… sucks.

But first the news:

I forgot to eat. Then I overate. Then I felt like throwing up.

For hours.

So then I went to bed early. With every intention to rise early in the morning.

But then.

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Only Counts In Horseshoes And Hand Grenades

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Seventy Six]

ALMOST is one of those words that I really despise and also can’t help using.

This morning I ALMOST stayed in bed all day – at nine this morning, when my partner and I have an agreement – that we’ll get downstairs by nine when it’s our turn to sleep in – when that time hit this morning, I could hear the weekend caregiver’s voice and my brain said, “See? You can stay in bed now. P doesn’t need your help to take care of the kids. Sleep in more.”

And I listened.

Then the cat came upstairs to the bedroom and played with something in the room and before she protested too much or played with something too much longer, I scooped her up into the bed with me, curled her into my arm and there’s nothing as soporific as a purring, cuddling cat, “Why don’t we sleep a bit?”

And I agreed.

So it’s no surprise that it was closer to ten when I finally dragged myself out of bed and into the shower and I have no idea why. Not the why about why I took so long – there was a purring cat, after all, but the day has no pull for me – no particular appointment or need that must be met – and yet I managed to get to the shower.

And sat.

And finally got out, thinking, “Now what am I going to do with today?” The presents are ordered, but haven’t arrived, so I can’t prep for Thursday. The lockdown means everything’s closed. And my motivation has been exceptionally low for months now.

And that’s okay.

But what will I do today?

I don’t know.

But first the news:

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