Dutch Lock Down Day Ninety Nine

[Today Was Not a Good Day]

Today’s official title makes that song start in my head like an earworm that won’t die and that sucks because today was NOT a good day. Starting from the moment I woke up.

No, actually, starting from last Thursday.


But first the news:

I’m not actually ready to talk about it as the big explosion happened only today with the past few days being this weird, tense, anger that left me sniping and impatient.

And now it’s WAY past my bedtime – that witching hour where everything sucks and nothing’s okay and guess I’ll go eat worms.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Seventy Two

[Is This Normal Yet?]

Photo by Karla Hernandez on Unsplash

Are you starting to normalize?

I am.


But first the news:

There are all kinds of signs that my brain is starting to chill the fuck out but also all kinds of signs that there’s a long way to go.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Sixty Five

Photo by K Rain Leander on GroningenRain.NL

I do solemnly swear that when we hit the one hundred day mark, I’ll switch back over to informative titles.


We’ll see.


Not IF.

But first the news:

Also, if you’d like to see the snarkiest most #AWESOME english interpretation of the latest Dutch Press Conference, check out:

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Dutch Lock Down Day Fifty Five

I’m actually doing pretty well right now.

All things considered.

My theme songs are more along the lines of Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling and Katy Perry’s Roar rather than Ceelo Green’s F**k You or Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy.

Not that those songs aren’t totally still my jam.

But they’re not Who I Am Right Now if that makes sense.

I’m doing okay.

But first the news:

I’ve got this walk that’s about five to six thousand steps, depending on my stroll and small detours and yesterday I decided to kick it up a notch and add another loop to it that adds one to two thousand steps.

It felt great!

Until today.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Forty Nine

A friend asked me how today was and I’d call it a win.

(Hi, M!)

Because while my GOAL for today was to give First Minion a haircut.



But first the news:

See, cause, while my intention was to cut ALL of his hair, I only cut enough of his bangs so he can ACTUALLY see without pushing said bangs aside.


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