[trigger warning] What is Trauma or PTSD?

PTSDThis is written ala rumination journalling or free writing where you just write and you don’t think too much about capitalization or spacing or spelling or typos which may or may not be the style this blog becomes for the next few days / weeks while I work some shit out. Also, what ever happened to those monday / tuesday / wednesday daily guide things?

Well, I’m working some shit out. Maybe they’ll come back in a bit – maybe not.

A friend sent me an awesome blog post idea.

Blog topic – how to help someone that doesn’t understand trauma or PTSD to help someone who does..

So there are two parts to that (as I understand it) which is how to help someone who doesn’t understand trauma / ptsd and also how to educate them with what it is so that they can help someone who is recovering.

I usually send people to the spoon theory for what it’s like to have an illness that others can’t see.

But what is it like to have PTSD?

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Sunday Bloody Sunday

u2Artist: U2
Album: War
Released: 1983

One of U2’s most overtly political songs, its lyrics describe the horror felt by an observer of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, mainly focusing on the Bloody Sunday incident in Derry where British troops shot and killed unarmed civil rights protesters and bystanders who were there to rally against internment (imprisonment without trial), while at the same time rejecting hate and revenge as a response noted in the lyrics, “There’s many lost, but tell me who has won.”

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