For Realsies Sick

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Two]

Yup, I took today off because I woke up MORE tired after a day of rest PLUS a sore throat.

Good times.

And while I slept the day away, the Dutch government collapsed.

But first the news:

And I would write more but I’m just now feeling better, having slept the whole day and am drifting back to sleep.

So enjoy reading the links.

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Dutch Lock Down Extended by Three Weeks

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Ninety Eight]

Photo by ål nik on Unsplash

It’s not official, but it’s officially leaked – the Dutch cabinet met yesterday to debate / discuss the lockdown and measurements – we’re getting three more weeks of lockdown.

“The Dutch coronavirus lockdown is ‘almost certainly’ to be extended by three weeks… there will not be any new measures announced on Tuesday.”

But first the news:

I expected this news, so I’m okay with it.

That’s what it comes down to, eh?

Expectations and perspective.


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In Case You’re Wondering What the Dutch Think

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Ninety Seven]

This is a reprint from NL Times with attribution but without permission – hopefully I won’t get in trouble – the highlights and links are my own.

Anti-fascism protest in Amsterdam following insurrection at US Capitol

A demonstration against fascism will be held in Amsterdam this afternoon. More than ten different organizations are involved, including Extinction Rebellion, BIJ1 Amsterdam, and Code Red. The protest was organized in response to the recent storming of the Capitol in the United States by Donald Trump supporters

The demonstration under the name “From US to NL, never again fascism” is expected to last from 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. and was initially set to take place on the Museumplein. However, following advice from the Amsterdam municipal health institute, the protest was moved to the Westerpark and will be capped at 500 participants. 

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It’s A Highly Effective Alarm Clock

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Fifty Two]

At some point in the night a massive thunderstorm came to play seemingly directly over our house and at FIVE this morning a particularly loud clap of thunder exploded in our room.


It’s fascinating that when I’m startled out of my slumber by an act of nature I resort to my childhood exclamations of surprise.

At first I thought I’d go back to sleep.

Perimenopause said NOPE.

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