How Do I Feel?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Ninety Five]

Tell me now, how do I feel?

Papa gave me, effectively, an entire morning off today and hooo BOY was it LUX!

But first the news:

We have a deal – that Papa gets to go out Friday night and sleep in on Saturday morning and I do the same on Saturday night / Sunday morning.

Of course, that’s totally changed cause of COVID – it’s more like, he can stay up late on Friday night while I can stay up late on Saturday night.

Or something along those lines.

This morning, tho, he grabbed the kids and headed off to the city park for the morning and I, delirious with sleep, stumbled around lazily this morning sipping tea and meditating and generally doing absolutely nothing.

I feel positively spoiled.

But the truth is that I was SUPPOSED to write an email this weekend, declining one of the last two offers and I just … didn’t.

I’m procrastinating.

I hate this part of the process because I well and truly care.

Tomorrow morning, then.

You can imagine how absolutely fabulous my dreams are going to be tonight, eh?

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Want To Talk At Tech Conferences Like Me?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Eighty Eight]

IF your project is open source AND you want to talk with developers, as opposed to companies, then you’re like me.

Once you’ve figured out your voice and jumped down the rabbit hole of new experiences, share your adventures by speaking at technical conferences.

First, check out Toastmasters or Agora Speakers or 10xSpeaker or other speaking resources.

And learn all the things.

Then check out these conferences.

But first the news:

Totally check out this list of Free Software Events, but also here are my favourite conferences that I have spoken at OR know someone who has spoken there.

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Call Guinness?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Eighty Seven]

Over the past four weeks I applied to thirty opportunities – twenty-one companies spoke with me sixty-seven times and six extended offers.


Besides luck?

Good question.

But first the news:

Most all of the jobs I applied to without knowing someone first were rejected. Almost all of the interviews were from opportunities found within my network. Built over many many years.

It starts with interpersonal communication and networking over many years. Which, sure, feels overwhelming. But start now. And in a few years you’ll have an extensive network, too.

Put your resume online.

With samples.


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Do You Have Time Or Money?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Eighty Four]

If you’re thinking of going the open source route because it’s #FreeAsInBeer take a hard look at your resources and tell me which you have less of – time or money.

Because if you have very little money, but plenty of time, then, yes, explore the open source version.

However, if you have very little time, but plenty of money, then get the enterprise version.

These are the strongest indicators for whether to go the open source route or the enterprise route.

But first the news:

When I was the community liaison for RDO Project one of my responsibilities was demonstrations and talks and a LOT of people were interested because they wanted to save some money.

Which is completely understandable.

The popularity of open source over the past few years is driven in part by the global economic recession – when you don’t have money, then open source IS fiscally cheaper than enterprise.

However, you MUST have time to learn the technology, to troubleshoot, to administer, to hack, to play, to experiment, and PLENTY of time to fail.

Because you will fail.

And you must persevere.

And when you do, yes, you’ll have a project that cost you less money.

But more time.

And how much is your time worth?

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Wait, Is This Vacation?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Seventy Six]

I’m taking today and tomorrow FULLY OFF of interviews and holy heckin’ it’s been a chillax day.


But first the news:

Two to six interviews per day for two weeks now – that adds up to thirty eight, Warriors.

I cannot imagine doing this while working full time.

It’s untenable. Indefensible. Impossible.

And yet here we are.

Until today.

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