The Edibles: Removing Illness Stigma Through Open Source

Tonight I’m giving the fifth project in the Technical Presentations advanced manual at Toastmasters Groningen. This is also the tenth project to achieve the Advanced Communicator Bronze which will also give a point to the club for the year and allow us to achieve the President’s Distinguished Club award.

I’m super stoked.


I’m also going through some rough shit right now which means I’m embracing what’s happening and doing a very technical speech about current events. It could turn out boring and pedantic and emotional. Or interesting and brilliant. Or something.

These are the notes.

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Careful, Leander, You’re Posting Daily Again

just-the-owlThe thing about travelling for work and going to conferences is that it puts me in a certain daily routine with a lot of quiet time in places and while I could ramble on and on about the whys and wherefores, the end result is that I’m able to write here more regularly.


This week I’m in Buffalo New York for Code Daze, a conference with the kickass tagline, “Reviving The Art Of Code & Building Community”. I had no idea that I knew one of the organizers when I applied with The ABCs of Being a RDO OoO ATC talk, but it’s a small small world.

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