“How Are You Guys?”

A friend reached out and whatsapp’d me this morning, “How are you guys?” and I replied:

“Riding the roller coaster that is traveling and working and living “abroad”.

I’d rather be home for Sasha’s sake, but there are aspects that are more productive for me here; like I’ve coded more in the past two weeks than I have in the past year. And when I have an idea, I can reach out more easily, even if it’s with a distributed colleague, because I’m sitting in their time zone.

But I also want to be back home cause I want to re-arrange the house a bit; move the master bedroom to the middle floor and the guest room / office to the top floor.”

I recognize that I’m more productive here and there are so many ideas that need to be written down, organized, published, implemented, messed up, eaten, spit out, eaten again, digested.

I might’ve skipped breakfast.

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THIS Is Why #FierceWoman

women2I was talking with a [white male English] colleague the other day about parenting and working, specifically, about whether it is the mother or the father who seems to be the one to cut down hours / stop working / be the primary care giver and basically stop developing their career when a child arrives.

I said that the cultural norm is the woman.

“Oh, I think you might be just plain wrong there.”

He disagreed.

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Planning for the #FierceWoman Podcast

Ada_Lovelace_Chalon_portraitFor MY Monday, the topic at the front of MY brain is #FierceWoman Radio and #DancingEngineer TV and something that my collaborators and I discussed was that each podcast could have a different four word representation of STEM for each month and do deep dives based on those four words.

So instead of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics it might be Biology, Developer, Mechanical Engineer, and Cryptologist. With deep dives into what these jobs are, what kind of degree / education you need to become one, major advances in their respective fields, and, of course, interviews.

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Presenting #DancingEngineer TV and #FierceWoman Radio

radioIt is my absolute pleasure to announce the launch of #DancingEngineer TV and #FierceWoman Radio.

#DancingEngineer TV is your one stop shows for new gamers / coders / speakers, especially encouraging women to join the Technology path of STEM. And every episode will include a dance pause, like ya do, cause every day should include a moment of movement.

#FierceWoman Radio is a female empowerment channel to demonstrate that, yes, you can get a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and here are the amazing women who have done it in the past and who are doing it today and how they got started / interested / remain involved. Initially this will be shows about Ada Lovelace and historical types, but eventually we’ll do interviews and such. I know women in STEM. I am a woman in STEM. And I want to interview leaders and experts, but I also want to interview women who are just beginning their journey and check back with them after a bit, too.

And we’re launching TODAY!

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podcastThere are actually very few women doing podcasts which is one of the strongest reasons why I want to start my own. I have no idea how I’ll host it or what I’ll talk about, but when I see very few people doing something, the urge to go do it is too tempting to resist.

Here are a few AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL women’s podcasts, the first of which I listen to actively while the rest are being added to my list AS SOON AS I FINISH THIS POST.


Stories from people on their coding journey. “We are the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code.”

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