And Then I Realized I Hadn’t Posted Yet

I completely forgot to write until eleven o’clock at night and now it’s past time for bed and I haven’t written.

This is how you get crap.

Or is this Not Crap ™?

I have to share this bit that happened earlier tonight. I was remotely managing the RDO portion of the RDO / ManageIQ / Ceph booth at Red Hat Summit – we were working on the hardware demo. At some point yesterday it borked out and needed to be reinstalled to work.

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Highly Improbable != Impossible

First, it’s important to have context.

Did you read this article about how I have craptastic eggs?

Let me sum up:

When my partner and I decided to have children, we decided to have two children. One at a time. We removed the birth control and were instantly pregnant. We have since found out that the chances of this happening are as low as five percent.

The original plan was have a child, when the child is eighteen months old, make another one.

It hasn’t worked out that way.

Now I know what you’re thinking and the answer is …

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OpenStack Days Poland 2017

I am super excited to introduce guest blogger, Ana Krivokapić, who ran over to OpenStack Days Poland to represent Red Hat as the TripleO RDO OpenStack guru in residence. Thanks so much to Ana for attending, answering any technical TripleO RDO OpenStack questions sent her way, and reporting back on her experience.

A few weeks ago I had a privilege of attending the OpenStack Days Poland in lovely Warsaw, Poland. It was the first official OpenStack Days event in Poland, and only the fifth OpenStack event ever organized in Poland.

The sessions were a healthy mix of high level overview-type talks and talks that went deeper into technical or business details of a particular aspect / project / component of OpenStack. The attendees were a solid mix of OpenStack developers, experienced users / operators of OpenStack, and potential users who came satisfy their curiosity about OpenStack and learn more.

The event was sponsored by a number of companies that had booths where attendees could talk to the company representatives / recruiters, get some swag, or even play video games. For the stats / fun facts enthusiasts out there: OpenStack Days Poland had 268 attendees, 24 talks were given by 34 speakers, and together we drank 86 liters of coffee over the course of the day.

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In The Midst Of A Job Change And

No, I’m not leaving Red Hat.


I am changing departments and slightly changing responsibilities and while I’m not quite ready for THAT post, I’m totally ready to ramble on about this that and the other. Specifically, I’m LEAVIN’ ON A JET PLANE.

To scoot over to Boston for a team all hands meeting.

For two days.

I’ve never flown so much in such a short time and THEN, of course, the speech competition is this Saturday.

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Let’s Get Personal

I am unexpectedly DELIGHTED to speak at Red Hat’s Open Voice Toastmasters club TOMORROW.

No big deal.

And cause it’s no big deal, no problem, no worries, I’m totally going to do project two, Let’s Get Personal, of the advanced manual Storytelling.


Now part of me is REALLY TEMPTED to talk about the pole dancing class I took four weeks ago where I was SHOWING OFF WAY TOO MUCH and, like the forty year old I am, THREW OUT MY HIP and haven’t been able to walk right EVER SINCE.

But another part of me thinks, “Rain, this is YOUR JOB.”

So I’m going to go the safe route and talk about the not so safe experience of leaping out of a plane. Because this is their first impression of me.

And I’m feeling a little scared.

Except that’s exactly the point, to get personal, like I do here, when I remember to write. And, if I’m honest, since I’m scared, I should do it anyway.

Cause that’s how I roll.


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Okay, But, Seriously, People

If you’d like to meet for coffee, lunch, dinner, or escape room, we’re going to be in the DC area 29 December – 01 January, in the Raleigh NC area 01 January – 02 February, and back in the DC area 02 – 06 February.

First of all, we’re not worried about sharing the information that we’re leaving our house because we have a GUARD CAT WHO WILL SO TOTALLY CUT YOU.

And a house sitter who will eat popcorn and watch it happen.

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And Now For Some BIG! NEWS!

15170904_10102591044503091_3380539265152543213_nThe WHOLE FAMILY is going to live in the STATES for the ENTIRE MONTH OF JANUARY 2017!

That’s right!

Pontus landed a visiting fellow grant to work at Duke University. We were able to pause the AI’s daycare government stipend, withdraw him from Dutch daycare and enroll him in American daycare. We found a kickass house / cat sitter to stay at our house for six weeks.




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And Then We All Held Hands And Sang Kumbaya

I might’ve bit off slightly more than I could chew yesterday because in addition to SPEAKING at Red Hat Summit, I decided to run the Red Hat Summit 5k BEFORE the talk and then attend the Women’s Leadership lunch AFTER the talk.

And while those three events were so kickass awesome and totally worth it and wonderful all in their own right, I am UTTERLY EXHAUSTED today.

I felt pretty damn good about yesterday’s talk (and since it wasn’t recorded, I can say without proof otherwise that it was ABSOLUTELY EPIC AND PERFECT AND WOAH, YOU MISSED SOME BRILLIANT WORDS, PEOPLE) but it is pretty affirming when you open up the floor to questions and people ask #ALLTHEQUESTIONS.

The dialogue was AWESOME and wonderful and the questions were thoughtful and, sure, I didn’t know all the answers, but invited people to email me directly cause I knew who to forward those questions to to get the answers they’re looking for, so I totally hope they take me up on that offer.


The talk itself ended up being forty-five ish minutes and the questions took the rest of the one hour allotted session and people touched base after as well until I had to run to the lunch. Therefore it wasn’t until after the lunch that I saw all the KICKASS tweets.

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Become An OpenStack TripleO ATC – Easy As ABC

just-the-owlOne of the barriers for trying out OpenStack TripleO and its derivatives has been the relative difficulty in getting an environment installed and configured quickly.

To this end, we’ve put together a script that prepares the system, configures the repositories, and builds the virtual machines for you.

At the end of this talk, you’ll understand how the tripleo-quickstart script works and be well on your way to becoming a TripleO active technical contributor.

What does it mean to be a RDO / OpenStack / TripleO active technical contributor?

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