Dutch Lock Down Day Sixty Four

I totally worked today.

Like, not for Red Hat or the new company, but I organized my wall calendar with upcoming events and worked on a CFP for a virtual event and setting up IRC on my personal laptop and basically nested in my home office.

We’ve already established I’m not very good at this vacation thing anymore.

But first the news:

I’m also doing things like figuring out the macOS shortcuts.

I’ve always used Fedora OS or CentOS for work and… I started to say macOS for personal use, but that isn’t the whole truth.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Sixty One

Literally JUST NOW everything was shipped back to Red Hat, to the RDO Community, and to colleagues.

And I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself.

But first the news:

Today was SUPER WEIRD because pretty much all the big projects, workshops, meetings, and programs were due yesterday. Today was just about setting up the shipping packages. Two entire boxes of hardware and swag for the RDO Project. One of my two laptops and phone. One tiny envelope of swag stickers.

Feels weird.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Sixty

The good news is that there wasn’t so much as a nightmare last night as a series of stressful thoughts while I slept.


I was well and truly productive today.

I published my last newsletter. Presented my last report. Ran my last meeting. Attended my last workshop.

But first the news:

Tomorrow all I have to do is ship everything off.

There are so many things.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Fifty Eight

I just packed up all of RDO Project’s hardware demo, swag, and camera equipment as well as my office phone, previous laptop and EVERYTHING except, literally, the laptop and power cord I need to do my job for the rest of the week.




But first the news:

There’s so little Corona news and so MUCH other news that there are only two actual articles for today.


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Dutch Lock Down Day Fifty Seven

I should probably not write while hungry.

Please hold.

Okay, so I ate? AND I’M STILL HUNGRY

But first the news:

While I still don’t know what’s going on with my metabolism, I know that I’m still having nightmares, that I skipped today’s walk, and that I don’t have to cook tonight.

Life is good.

Yeah, I don’t know either.

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