Let The Freaky Fridays BEGIN

FREAKY FRIDAYIt occurs to me that it might be easier to write every day if I have a series going or a daily guide for what a day might be about.

And since I want to write every single day, I humbly present.

The Daily Series

AKA The Weekly WiseCracks

AKA Holy Shit I’m Actually Going To Write Every Single Day of the Week WTF

AKA Just Read It Already

Moody Monday : Because the first workday of the week needs all the help it can get, especially when it’s just another manic Monday. Inspiration, health, and self improvement will be the name of the game. Continue reading “Let The Freaky Fridays BEGIN”

AND THE BIG NEWS IS (drumroll, please)

Red_HatNo, we’re not pregnant.

No, we’re not moving.

I have a shiny new job.

But first, some history.

I used to dance. And to pay for rehearsal space and costumes and performance venues, I taught myself HTML / CSS / javascript. Eventually I retired from dance and took web development seriously – interned in New York, worked with a few internet marketing companies in North Carolina.

Had a blast.

Then Red Hat changed their new hire scope – you had to have two of three requirements – customer service, technical skills, or linux. I had the first two. I was hired. I had a blast.

But when you work at Red Hat, every day is drinking from the firehose and I had to stop coding entirely.

Fast forward to a few months ago – you may have heard, I had a sweet little boy. I took advantage of the Netherlands parental leave policy and switched to part time to save money on daycare and spend more time with the new operating system.

The position I have now doesn’t allow part time work, so my main job was to find a new job. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, specifically, but I knew I couldn’t be a Technical Account Manager anymore. I started shot gun blasting anything that sounded interesting.

Fast forward to a few months ago when I took a DjangoGirls workshop and remembered how much I loved to code.


That narrowed down my search to anything with development work.

But then it got tricky.

I’m starting over, effectively. I just started learning Python / Django / Ruby on Rails / MongoDB. But I can’t move to Brno where most of our junior developers start.

It took a few months to find the right opportunity within Red Hat.

So when I say “I have a shiny new job,” what I actually mean is “OMGOMGOMG I JUST LANDED MY DREAM JOB!”

I am a Red Hat OpenStack Software Engineer.

Without Further Ado, I Present

the-bodyguard-cdThe unforgettable.

The enduring.

The story that made us all want to be singers. At least in the shower.


The Bodyguard. The MUSICAL.

And until you see it, you’ll have NOTHING! NOTHING! NOTHING!

Narrowing Down the Brand Already

11204902_10101734441202971_8607086743512969266_nAfter sleeping on it for one night I realize I can define myself even more simply – with only “Dancing Engineer” and “Fierce Mama” – because feminist and baker and public speaker are not as much part of my soul.


Do you hear the angelic choir? DO YOU?!?

[ appearance –> customize –> set title & tagline –> edit –> save ]

Stay tuned for tomorrow when there will be more cowbell.

Jack of All Trades Master of None

1743566_10101043400404271_1932748396_nPart of the relaunch of this site is in an attempt to brand myself. Not so much in the cattle branding way, but ala Red Hat’s fedora or Twitter’s bird. And, sure, it’s not common for individuals to have a brand. Or maybe it is. But I haven’t done it.

Until now.

Queue dramatic music.

Part of moving around your whole life (as I have) means you adjust to your surroundings like a chameleon. And aren’t really sure who you are. Or what you want to be when you grow up.

Which, I realize, is a bit odd to say at age thirty-nine.

But part of branding is figure out who you are and who you want to be and I’m starting here with that phrase up top, “Dancing Engineer. Feminist Baker. Fierce Mama. Public Speaker.”

Over the next few days, besides sharing the slides / recording from my recent Python 2015 talk, “Leveraging Procedural Knowledge”, I will write about how these four aspects relate to who I am.

And hopefully become less of a JILL of all trades, master of none.

And more of a well defined brand.