Let’s Get Personal

I am unexpectedly DELIGHTED to speak at Red Hat’s Open Voice Toastmasters club TOMORROW.

No big deal.

And cause it’s no big deal, no problem, no worries, I’m totally going to do project two, Let’s Get Personal, of the advanced manual Storytelling.


Now part of me is REALLY TEMPTED to talk about the pole dancing class I took four weeks ago where I was SHOWING OFF WAY TOO MUCH and, like the forty year old I am, THREW OUT MY HIP and haven’t been able to walk right EVER SINCE.

But another part of me thinks, “Rain, this is YOUR JOB.”

So I’m going to go the safe route and talk about the not so safe experience of leaping out of a plane. Because this is their first impression of me.

And I’m feeling a little scared.

Except that’s exactly the point, to get personal, like I do here, when I remember to write. And, if I’m honest, since I’m scared, I should do it anyway.

Cause that’s how I roll.


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Keep The Engagement HIGH

f7f46d3b-c0a2-4319-9269-871078ef3144The other day at Toastmasters Groningen, a few members of our club went over to Stenden Toastmasters in Leeuwarden and ‘captured’ the Explorer’s Cup.

This MASSIVE TROPHY is a Dutch only initiative to encourage members of clubs to visit other clubs and participate in the meetings. In order to ‘capture’ it, you have to take at least two members of your club to the club that currently has the cup and one member must be a speaker and one member must be an evaluator and the third can optionally have a role, but it isn’t necessary for the cup.

I fell asleep writing that paragraph.

I have absolutely no explanation why I’m over the moon that our club captured this thing, except that I thought it was a cool enough item that I put it in my presidential vision.

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We’re Going To Label This One Contemporary Awkwardism

photo-1423666639041-f56000c27a9aI had an epiphany this morning – that the internet has had stages, not unlike art movements. In art there was the Renaissance, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Modern art, and Contemporary – and before you get too impressed with me, know that I totally wikipedia’d that shit. (After I google’d ‘art eras’, realized I meant ‘periods’, chuckled, then googled ‘art periods’ imagining bloody swathes of time).


But in the internet, we haven’t really labeled the movements. Well, some of us have but most of us don’t really think about it.

Except those guys. Those guys totally thought about it.

But that wasn’t the epiphany.

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Week Five :: 08 sep :: Dessert and Coffee Celebration and Debriefing

photo-1447523264591-68112eb55c23there are so many things i could write about today.

1. i’m feeling so much better.

and that all by itself is a good thing. so much better, in fact, (or maybe because?) that i went to try to trade in my american drivers’ license for a dutch one which is something you can only do if you (OR YOUR SPOUSE) have the thirty percent rule. we didn’t find out that spouse clause until i got my own ruling which clearly stated, in english, that my spouse is qualified as well, which landed the partner a right solid dutch scolding from yours truly who could’ve nabbed a dutch drivers license under his thirty percent rule received FIVE YEARS AGO. i only recently (a year ago) nabbed my own ruling, but all’s well that ends well, right?so i tried to go today (there’s SO MUCH PAPERWORK involved, like all government things) and i was still missing a piece (passport photo) and an appointment or you can go without an appointment tuesday through friday afternoon. as today was monday, i was shit out of luck. so i went to get a passport photo and make an appointment. in reality, i’m just going to show up tomorrow afternoon. for my lunch.

cause that’s one hell of productive lunch.


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Featuring Yoga With Rose

11693931_1112269368789829_2852453001373411087_nSometimes the universe slaps you in the face with its suggestions, like, for example, when you take a yoga class for your fortieth birthday and it’s FUCKING AMAZING and then one of the newest Toastmasters Groningen members has her own yoga business and teaches on Tuesday mornings which was your previous excuse for why you weren’t taking a yoga class in Groningen – no morning classes and that’s when you say, oh, okay, FINE, universe.

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Dear Toastmasters Groningen

11229278_609158892557605_1700354200137386457_nLast night was the very first meeting of the Toastmasters Groningen new 2016 – 2017 season and I could not be more excited. And amazed. And inspired. And terrified.

At one point there was some confusion over who was the general evaluator and I tried to micromanage when I should’ve just let things happen and trusted in the system. Because Toastmasters is where you can make a mess and learn from mistakes. As it happened, every speaker had an evaluator and the general evaluator KICKED SO MUCH ASS.

And I learned a valuable lesson.



Toastmasters Groningen can handle it.

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Like a Badass Pretty Princess

disneyA few months ago at Toastmasters Groningen, one of our members gave a speech about Disney princesses asking people to raise their hands if were NOT impressed with them. Almost everyone did.

Her response, “Well, that’s a shame.”

And then she went on to point out how badass Disney princesses are – making the best of horrible situations like a step mother who wants you dead, but you go live in the woods and make it work. Or falling in love when you live in an abusive home environment.

Being badass.

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