My Miles Are About to Skyrocket

I reached out to my colleague that used to do This Job and asked him, “What events do you typically travel to outside of the OpenStack Summits [0] / PTGs [1]?”

And he replied something witty and important and vital and I completely didn’t have logging enabled nor did I write it down because I’m made of awesome.

But I did write down what OpenStack Days [2] are the biggest ones that I should try to attend, if not this year, in the upcoming years.

OpenStack Days Israel [3]
OpenStack Days Benelux [4]
OpenStack Days Nordic [5]
OpenStack Days NYC [6]
OpenStack Days UK [7]

And then there’s and FOSDEM [8] and DevConf.CZ [9] and two Centos Dojos [10] that I’m helping plan.

Oh, RIGHT! Plus RDO Test Days [11] in Brno!

This week, in particular, I have severe FOMO because it’s Red Hat Summit. And then 21-24 May is OpenStack Summit Vancouver. I’m remotely managing both. I’ve done everything I can possibly do to prepare for both, now I can only sit from afar and wait.

And put out fires, as needed.

Which means I could really use some distractions, People. Therefore, I thought it’d be nice to look at all the places IT

This means, over the next year, POSSIBLY, I’ll be travelling to…..


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“How Are You Guys?”

A friend reached out and whatsapp’d me this morning, “How are you guys?” and I replied:

“Riding the roller coaster that is traveling and working and living “abroad”.

I’d rather be home for Sasha’s sake, but there are aspects that are more productive for me here; like I’ve coded more in the past two weeks than I have in the past year. And when I have an idea, I can reach out more easily, even if it’s with a distributed colleague, because I’m sitting in their time zone.

But I also want to be back home cause I want to re-arrange the house a bit; move the master bedroom to the middle floor and the guest room / office to the top floor.”

I recognize that I’m more productive here and there are so many ideas that need to be written down, organized, published, implemented, messed up, eaten, spit out, eaten again, digested.

I might’ve skipped breakfast.

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WANTED: An RDO TripleO Speaker for CentOS Dojo at FOSDEM

Rich Bowen, RDO Community Liaison Extraordinaire, is looking for someone to give a demo / deep dive / tech talk:

I’ve been asked by the folks planning the CentOS Dojo at FOSDEM for a howto-style talk about deploying OpenStack on CentOS. This is for a fairly technical audience who will know probably know a lot about CentOS, but perhaps not much about OpenStack.

I know that this is really really late, but if you’re going to be in Brussels on Friday, February 3rd, and you’re not already presenting something at the CentOS Dojo, and you’re willing and able, I’d really like to hear from you (offlist) so that we can make this happen.

If you’re keen and available, quick, quick, like a bunny, comment here or email Rich directly via rbowen [at] redhat [dot] com.

I Love You To Mother Fucking BITS

yegads yesterday was ROUGH.

but we did it and we’re here and i need to brush my teeth.

it amuses me, what i think about when i’m so incredibly sleep deprived but have had just enough sleep that i’m not falling over, but propped up happily typing away and that thought right now is, “yegads, the teeth are wearing sweaters of plaque. or is it tarter?”

that fuzziness that builds up over night from not having brushed or flossed last night after a flight across the pond nor brushed or flossed this morning because the AI woke up at three thirty local cause it was nine thirty at home and you got up with him because papa-bear got up with him at some point earlier in the hell that is this night that isn’t ending and yet ending all too soon as the sun rises and the child demands frivolous things like food and clothes and love.

silly child.

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What Is Tonight? The Edge Of Tomorrow

packing today felt like a marathon.

whereas previously, i simply thought, what do i need? and what does the AI need?

and packed it.

this time i kept getting lost in distractions.

cause we also prepped the house for a sitter. and neighbors with a baby who might spend the night while their house is painted.

which meant that every bed in the house, including AI’s needed to be clean after his nap. and every diaper and trash can emptied.

and, oh, yes, the cat.

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Okay, But, Seriously, People

If you’d like to meet for coffee, lunch, dinner, or escape room, we’re going to be in the DC area 29 December – 01 January, in the Raleigh NC area 01 January – 02 February, and back in the DC area 02 – 06 February.

First of all, we’re not worried about sharing the information that we’re leaving our house because we have a GUARD CAT WHO WILL SO TOTALLY CUT YOU.

And a house sitter who will eat popcorn and watch it happen.

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How Many Escape Rooms Was That?

how many rooms have i escaped out of?

erm… a lot.

how many have i *done*?

more than a lot.

the escape hunt, here in groningen, has three different rooms and we pretty much did all three plus the one of goldberg escape. then goldberg added another one, which is five.

and the escape hunt flipped two of their rooms and we did the new one. and then the other new one. and then i brought toastmasters groningen board members to do the other new one again – cause team building and i’m president.

so that’s eight.

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And Now For Some BIG! NEWS!

15170904_10102591044503091_3380539265152543213_nThe WHOLE FAMILY is going to live in the STATES for the ENTIRE MONTH OF JANUARY 2017!

That’s right!

Pontus landed a visiting fellow grant to work at Duke University. We were able to pause the AI’s daycare government stipend, withdraw him from Dutch daycare and enroll him in American daycare. We found a kickass house / cat sitter to stay at our house for six weeks.




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