And How Many Tech Talks? And Conferences? And ATC CODES?!?

Way back in may 2015, I did my first tech talks evar at [PyGrunn] and [DjangoCon US] “Leveraging Procedural Knowledge”

TWO talks and TWO conferences!

And then I switched jobs within Red Hat to join engineering, where I am now a Developer Evangelist which means I code AND talk. Which is what #ALLTHETALKS have been for ever since…

Except, no, I’m just now remembering one other.

And, wait, another.

So I’ve been doing MOSTLY TripleO things, but also other things.

You’ll see.

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The Thing About Last Minute Work Travels Is That

60wxqtz8iq8-jeff-fielitzNothing gets done except aforementioned last minute work travels.

Hence the flight is purchased and the Amsterdam and Salt Lake City hotels are booked and airbnb room requested and packing list finished.


That TripleO cheat sheet?

The new TripleO GUI OverCloud Deployment Instructions?

Expense reports and debriefing reports from OpenStack Barcelona and Grace Hopper Celebration?

All those things I need to do for Toastmasters Groningen?


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I Have Tried Writing This Post For Days And

the_openstack_logo-svg-1It’s still not shaping up correctly, so I’m going to go old style which is to say that I’m going to write exactly what I’m thinking, or not exactly, but something close.

Something stream of consciousness ish.


Don’t judge.

Remember that time when I said:

But then an invitation comes along and you get all giddy cause it comes along because of a year’s worth of work and I know, I’m being vague, and I promise to post details if it all works out…

Normally when I go speak at conferences it’s because I’ve applied months in advance and been accepted and sent the budget up the management chain and received approval and arranged travel and written an abstract and practiced the demo and tested and practiced and planned.



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Careful, Leander, You’re Posting Daily Again

just-the-owlThe thing about travelling for work and going to conferences is that it puts me in a certain daily routine with a lot of quiet time in places and while I could ramble on and on about the whys and wherefores, the end result is that I’m able to write here more regularly.


This week I’m in Buffalo New York for Code Daze, a conference with the kickass tagline, “Reviving The Art Of Code & Building Community”. I had no idea that I knew one of the organizers when I applied with The ABCs of Being a RDO OoO ATC talk, but it’s a small small world.

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This Is What’s On My Mind Lately. Cause REASONS.

photo-1425668273332-3a46ab26b161I submitted TWO talks to OpenStack Summit Barcelona today.

Based on two talks that I’ve given in other places. The deadline is today and I’m still drowning from the last three months / FOUR conferences I attended / SPOKE AT, so I sent in:

The ABCs of Becoming an OpenStack ATC
What does it mean to be an OpenStack active technical contributor? It means that you are a developer or designer or support engineer or tester or project manager or writer or END USER and you’d like to become involved in an open source project.

It means that you want contribute to a specific project within OpenStack, like TripleO, which is a project within the umbrella space, and that you’ll join the RDO community for guidance, feedback, and support.

And, sure, while it’s actually more like ABCDEF, GEE, I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this overview of OpenStack and what it is to become an ATC.


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And Then We All Held Hands And Sang Kumbaya

I might’ve bit off slightly more than I could chew yesterday because in addition to SPEAKING at Red Hat Summit, I decided to run the Red Hat Summit 5k BEFORE the talk and then attend the Women’s Leadership lunch AFTER the talk.

And while those three events were so kickass awesome and totally worth it and wonderful all in their own right, I am UTTERLY EXHAUSTED today.

I felt pretty damn good about yesterday’s talk (and since it wasn’t recorded, I can say without proof otherwise that it was ABSOLUTELY EPIC AND PERFECT AND WOAH, YOU MISSED SOME BRILLIANT WORDS, PEOPLE) but it is pretty affirming when you open up the floor to questions and people ask #ALLTHEQUESTIONS.

The dialogue was AWESOME and wonderful and the questions were thoughtful and, sure, I didn’t know all the answers, but invited people to email me directly cause I knew who to forward those questions to to get the answers they’re looking for, so I totally hope they take me up on that offer.


The talk itself ended up being forty-five ish minutes and the questions took the rest of the one hour allotted session and people touched base after as well until I had to run to the lunch. Therefore it wasn’t until after the lunch that I saw all the KICKASS tweets.

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