oh, HELLO.

photo-1455692983146-bb54a19f71e0Last night I said good bye to my bestest friend, my zusje, my soulmate – and she flew back home to Atlanta.

Cause work.

And now I just wanna sleep all the time and not eat and have negative thoughts.

But I knew something like this was happening, so these are the steps I took to lessen the blow.

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I will actually post a SUNDAE on SUNDAY some day, I SWEAR


PyCon Sweden 2016 is taking place in Stockholm on May 9-10, 2016 at Hilton Slussen.


In Second Room on Day Two at Two. No, not really, cause that would be too awesome, wouldn’t it. In Second Room on Day Two at ELEVEN FORTY.

That previous sentence will test how many people ACTUALLY READ FOR CONTENT.

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Women Who Defied Tradition And Made History

8162305237_684a88285b_oCuriousity.com is a site I just recently stumbled across and I’M SO GLAD I DID. I think Facebook was involved. And that super smart ‘related article suggestion’ algorithm.

And voila, knowledge dump.

(Yes, that thumbnail is so totally the Mars Rover Curiosity!)

But I know, you’re not here for generic information cause it’s WEDNESDAY. And WEDNESDAY is all about WOMEN.

I just realized Women’s Wednesday also happens to be Hump Day.


Never mentioning that again.

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[trigger warning] And In Conclusion

openstackAs I mentioned yesterday, something happened.

It turns out that as soon as I filed the complaint yesterday, OpenStack Foundation reached out to the accused who immediately confirmed he was in the wrong and subsequently emailed me to let me know what happened and that he’d be in touch.

And he was. He agreed that it was offensive and he never meant to hurt or intimidate me and it would never happen again and he apologized.

And I accepted his apology.

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[trigger warning] I Want To Talk About Other Things Instead But…

openstackI was at the major OpenStack Summit super party at the Red Hat sponsored Banger’s pub, having come out of the bathroom and ran into a former colleague going into bathroom.

We hugged. Which is totally fine. I’m okay with hugs that I initiate.

We talked, happy for one another in our new roles / respective companies and then said our good byes with a hug.

But then.

He said, “I could kiss you.”

And before I could react, he grabbed me by the head and planted a wet one right on my mouth.

And then he turned and went to the bathroom.

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Women of OpenStack Working Breakfast Led by Jessica Murillo

picturesThis meeting seemed to be the official Women of OpenStack (WoO) birds of a feather (BoF) meetup thing complete with group picture and a full Texas breakfast menu: scrambled eggs, brisquit, salsa, tortillas, fruit salad, muffins, coffee, tea, and orange juice. Everything was crazy delicious except the muffins.

Damnit, muffins.

And, because we are a culture obsessed with bite sized lists, without further ado, I present the highlights:

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Speed Mentoring with Women of OpenStack

sleepI would like to say I slept in cause i needed it, but no, I was wide awake at five thirty local time cause my body said it was twelve thirty in the Netherlands and my son should’ve woken me up HOURS ago.

But then I blinked and it was seven fifteen and speed mentoring started at seven thirty, so I was a bit late for that.


They made a new table for us (there were a few of us stragglers), we grabbed food (THICK CUT APPLE ROASTED BACON!) and started chatting with our mentor.

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