Super Enthusiastic About All The Things

movies3I was eighteen when I first realized that enthusiasm was Not Cool.

I’m not sure how I had gotten away with all my Super! School! Spirit! in high school – most likely because I was a cheerleader (and on the student council and competed in Academic Decathlon and all kinds of other Super! School! Spirit! Things!) but it hadn’t really hit me that it was Not Cool.


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THIS Is Why #FierceWoman

women2I was talking with a [white male English] colleague the other day about parenting and working, specifically, about whether it is the mother or the father who seems to be the one to cut down hours / stop working / be the primary care giver and basically stop developing their career when a child arrives.

I said that the cultural norm is the woman.

“Oh, I think you might be just plain wrong there.”

He disagreed.

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The First Women of STEM

Emilie_Chatelet_portrait_by_LatourWe are so totally deep diving brainstorming over here for the #FierceWoman podcast and part of what we’d like to investigate is origin stories.

How did you get started in your field? Who inspired you?

How did you get HERE?

For me, when I read about (OR MEET!) incredible people, I am inspired by their stories and pick and choose parts of their philosophies or methodologies or something that resonates with what I am doing and where I am going at the time.

Reading about the first women in STEM inspired me exactly that way – I want to LEARN ALL THE THINGS now.

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