Holy Crap

[Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Twenty Three]

It’s been like ten forevers since I’ve blogged.

Oke, but seriously, I am sorry I’ve been missing in action, but also it’s been #LikeThat

THAT stressful.

THAT busy.

THAT low priority.

Also, the site’s been broken – 503 – a LOT.

And then the Add New and / or Edit Post were broken.

It’s just been super frustrating and with The Actual Move happening, well, blogging was way WAY down on the priority list.

I’ll catch up over the next few days, but … yeah… LOTS of music videos.

I can’t wait to tell you about closing on the house with a power of attorney for my partner. Or how our brand new basement flooded. Or how I’m still mourning Zoe. Or how I REALLY want a corgi these days.

But that might also be me still mourning Zoe.

FYI – GroningenRain.nl is Going Away Too

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Eighty]

That’s another thing.

This site, GroningenRain.nl, is going away – cause the owner will no longer live in the Netherlands.


But first the news:

The positive side of GroningenRain.nl going away is that something, obviously, needs to take its place – which means REBUILD!! !

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Bacon Lorem Ipsum Dolor

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Fourteen]

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But first the news:

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