What Was Your Biggest Lesson From 2018?

A fellow Toastmaster wrote a piece about her biggest lessons learned in 2018 which I promptly forwarded. #transformation #change

But then she turned it around on me.

“Thank you for sharing K Rain Leander! Love to know – what was your biggest lesson from 2018?”

~ Sangbreeta Moitra

And, yup, I have been mulling over that one off and on ever since.

Sure, it’s only been four days, but dayum, you’d think I could come up with at least one lesson learned.


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Do All The Things Right Now

Around this time of year, a few of us are thinking about what we might pledge to do differently in the new year.

“Starting next year, I will…”

  • go to the gym regularly
  • eat healthy
  • drop kilos
  • lower body fat
  • get super fit
  • study more programming languages
  • build some apps in said programming languages
  • throw them online with an open source license (The license matters, people.)
  • publish regularly on groningenrain.nl
  • get more organized
  • develop my influencer status to become a top thought leader in my industry
  • stop using so many fucking buzzwords
  • figure out the rush hour plans
  • read mary’s book (OMG IT’S NOW AVAILABLE IN KINDLE EDITION!! !)
  • figure out my #DevRel career path
  • nail down routines
  • collaborate with more people external to red hat

Strangely specific list is strangely specific.

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Exploring All The Local Cafes of Haren

Okay, so this may seem like more of an advertisement piece, but it’s where I am and that’s more important than maintaining my I Have Totally Not Sold Out reputation.

But who are we kidding – I’d totally sell out, given the opportunity.

And so would you.


This post certainly got dark quickly, didn’t it. Let’s see if we can jump back into your sarcastically light hearted world again, shall we?

When we lived in Groningen proper, I used to get the boys out the door, then get ready for the day, then walk into the city to my absolutely favourite place in the world to code, Op z’n Kop.

If you are local, not allergic to cats, and love cake, then GET THEE TO OP Z’N KOP. They open officially at ten, have free wifi, power sockets, a public bathroom, tons of tea options and ALL THE CAKE.

And cats.

It’s a cat cafe.

Let’s give that the proper excitement that deserves.


I miss them. A ton. And their cats. And their cake.

I think part of why it took me so long to start exploring Haren when I moved down here is that I knew that none would be as solid as Op z’n Kop. And it’s true – none of them are cat cafes, but DAYUM, there’s some solid options for Incredible Places To Work In Haren.

That should be the title of this piece, eh?

I mean, for social media purposes and such.


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Who Publishes On Wednesdays, I Mean Come On

Ideally this posts are written in batches and then scheduled to be published at future dates and times but I’m SO NOT THERE YET.


Don’t try to write while also letting the television play if you’re Rain Leander cause you’ll be CONSTANTLY DISTRACTED. I mean, some people can do it?

But not I.

Focus, Leander.


But the reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch is SO GOOD.


/me pauses the show so that she can write…

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