Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Twenty Two

[I Can’t Even Think Of A Title]

While my work world is going well my blog world is definitely not ideal. This is the umpteenth day in a row that I’m writing at night which is the opposite time of the day for productivity.

Or something.

But first the news:

So, really, obviously, I need to turn this around. This is a million days in a row. It’s time to fix this. Focus, Leander. Write in the morning. When I’m most productive.

Starting tomorrow.

Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Twenty

[No News For You!]

The thing about writing a blog post in the morning on the weekend is that sometimes there is no news. The Netherlands actually believes in the weekends and very few people actually work on Saturday and Sunday.

Which is why yesterday’s post had only one news link.

That post blasted out of my passion for The Farmer’s Project without regard for news cycle or time of day.

(I know, terrible pun, right, H?)

But first the news:

Tonight, though, while there are plenty of news articles to choose from, I waited too late to write and so I just want to write something ANYTHING so I can go to bed already.

But then!

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Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Seven

[HOW do you manage to write pretty much every day?]

I write every day so that I can write every day.

Because of Seth Godin.

But first the news:

But also because I’ve given myself permission to write shit sometimes. More than sometimes. To write from the heart. To write whatever. To write seriously and thoughtfully and jokingly and thoughtlessly. To write carefully researched articles with references and esoteric complimentary images.

Or something.

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Dutch Lock Down Day Seventy Four

[More Specific Title Than Dutch Lock Down Day X]

Photo by Atharva Lele on Unsplash

Introduction paragraph with a couple of sentences.

On their own lines.

Because it’s more interesting to the eye.

And more interesting overall.

Or something.

But first the news:

First part of story with a cliffhanger or punch line to get you to click past the READ MORE.

Or something.

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New Habits Are Hard

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

The things that I do during the week are completely obliterated when the weekend arrives. Part of this is the lack of work commitments, sure, but also #KIDS


Without daycare and / or school and / or afterschool programs, P and I have to be actual full time parents.


But this isn’t about being expats living in a foreign country without nearby family and normally working full time and complaining about twins turning into little actual people and a five year old turning into a teenager when he gets entirely too much screen time.

This is about establishing new habits.

Daily habits.

Even on the days when the schedule is shifted. When you’re sick or flying or taking care of someone else.

There are some things that you prioritize no matter what.

In this case, are we saying daily writing is more important than taking care of someone else? Maybe.

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