I love you all.


I’m not sure the people who posted on Facebook understood that I was going to re-post them here.


If anyone wants theirs removed, #LEMMEKNOW

And I’ll still love you.

I kept rewriting this introduction cause it never seemed like it was good enough and then I realized I was undercutting the purpose. You all wrote stories because I asked you to do it SO I WOULDN’T HAVE TO WRITE.

And here I am writing.

Your turn.

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“So, What Are YOU Going To Write About?”


My partner wasn’t the only one confused by yesterday’s post.

Another friend WhatsApp’d me, “So tomorrow’s blog will be with stories your friends share with you or just the story the friend who offered sends?”


I’d love love love your story. Especially YOU.

If you’re reading this, I’d love our story. Written by YOU.

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Happy Birthday To ME!

That was a trick.

It’s not really my birthday today.


A friend of mine messaged me the other day:

So if one were to celebrate a certain upcoming should-be-a-state-holiday via words, items of vague monetary value, etc, how would one do such a thing?

But it was totally a trick question cause he already had something in mind – WRITING SOMETHING HERE.

It’s a WIN WIN cause I get beautiful roastings of lovely delights AND I get a break from daily postingsess.

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I Was Already In Bed, People

I was just about to fall asleep when I realized that I hadn’t posted today.



This morning I gave this workshop over in Groningen at a business school.

The class was full of sixteen to twenty-three year olds.

Often I think of myself as just a big kid with all the enthusiasm and play that I do, but then I run into actual kids and I think, “Woah. I’m all kinds of adult.”

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And Then I Realized I Hadn’t Posted Yet

I completely forgot to write until eleven o’clock at night and now it’s past time for bed and I haven’t written.

This is how you get crap.

Or is this Not Crap ™?

I have to share this bit that happened earlier tonight. I was remotely managing the RDO portion of the RDO / ManageIQ / Ceph booth at Red Hat Summit – we were working on the hardware demo. At some point yesterday it borked out and needed to be reinstalled to work.

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Cause We About To Open A Flood

This is what stream of consciousness blogging looks like cause I open up the editor and just start writing.

for a short period of time without…

okay, with SOME backspaces and quite a bit of moderation cause if i didn’t go back and edit, hoo boy, you’d see some crap.

and some misspellings.

and everything in one big clump.

one single paragraph.

and is this boring.

just wait, there’s more.

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